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Feb 13 · 1 min read

Thursday, February 13, 2020

Breaking News

1. On Feb 12, the total market value of cryptocurrencies exceeded $300 billion.

2. The BBC official website article states that blockchain technology is a revolution that has not yet fully occurred.

3. IDC forecast report: By 2024, 10% of Chinese adults will register a self-sovereign identity based on blockchain.

Data statistics

BTC Spot Price: $10,402.03, +1.18%; BTC Futures Price: $10,429.5, +1.17%, a premium of $27.47 from the spot price.

Today’s Total Hashrate Of the Mining Pool: 191,372.99

Today’s PoB Mining Reward: 48.07 USDT

Post-Market Analysis

BTC longs-shorts ratio

Analyst “JIANG Yuan”: In the short term, Bitcoin has rushed to a key pressure position. Pay attention to the new mid-line bulls’ opportunity after the BTC’s correction.

Analyst “Zhang Zongyao”: Today’s operating strategy is: go short when BTC moves to the range from $10,450 to $10,500 with the target set from $10,350 to $10,250 and the stop loss set at $10,600. Go long when BTC moves to the range from $10,280 to $10,330 with the target set at $10,400, $10,500 or $10,600 and the stop loss set at $10,180.

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