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Feb 12 · 1 min read

February 12, 2020, Wednesday

Breaking News

1. BTC’s newly added addresses surged by 1.52 mln; price may hit $11,515 within a week;

2. The European Commission is collecting advice about the establishment of a regulatory framework for crypto assets;

3. Fed Powell supports private crypto trading.

Data statistics

BTC Spot Price: $ 10,283.60, +5.30%; BTC Futures Price: $ 10,307.90, +5.49%, a premium of $ 24.30 from spot price.

Today’s Total Hashrate Of the Mining Pool:195,646.35

Today’s PoB Mining Reward: 57.03 USDT

Post-Market Analysis

Analyst “Block Goldman”: BTC embraced a surging uptrend overnight, reporting 3.8% on a daily basis, a new high that shows people the power of trend.

Analyst “Crypto Devil”: For those who are prudent investors, the strategy is to go long from $10,200 to $10,250, and stop loss at $10,450. This round of bullish trend may hit the peak around $10,500. So investors may go short in a range of $10,450 to $10,300 and stop loss at $10,500.

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