DropBit Release Notes

Dropbit v 1.3

Version 1.3 of DropBit is a significant release that gives DropBit some very unique and helpful capabilities compared to other mobile wallets. This version of DropBit, which can be downloaded at Dropbit.app


Bitcoin needs to be used as transaction currency, not just HODLd. With DropBit, we are relentlessly focusing on this principal, and trying to make it as easy as possible to send/receive Bitcoin frequently and to many different people. To that end, we realize that sending dozens of transactions a week (or even per day with some of the more active wallets) can make personal tracking difficult. Until now, as we introduce Memos.

Memos give you the ability to categorize a transaction so that when you look at your transaction history, you can parse who was sent what and for what purpose.

Note: With v1.3, the memos only show up for you on your DropBit app.


DropBit can now accept Bip70 URLs and process these transactions successfully. This is another step in making DropBit one of the most universally functional wallets available to users today. In particular, this will allow DropBit to be used with BitPay, which has processed over $1B in crypto transactions in 2018.

We do acknowledge and recognize the validity in the stance some wallets have taken to not support Bip70 due to the vulnerabilities it exposes, and we certainly respect that position. That said, our goal as a wallet and a company is to get the masses to use and adopt Bitcoin, and we want to eliminate as many hiccups in the utilitarian use of Bitcoin as possible.

The reality is BitPay is currently the largest bitcoin processor in the world. If a “newcoiner” tries to pay for something with Bitcoin and it won’t let them because of Bip70 , they won’t know why it failed and it may leave them with the impression that Bitcoin doesn’t work. They may never try Bitcoin again, and we want to prevent this when onboarding new users to Bitcoin.

Bug Fixes and UI Enhancements

This build contains several bug fixes and UI enhancements to help clarify the status of transactions (pending/sent/received/confirmed). This is an area we will continue to simplify.

If you have any questions for feedback about this release or the app in general reach out to us hello@coinninja.com.

You can find us on Twitter or Telegram as well.

Update: v 1.3.1

We are releasing version 1.3.1 to show a syncing status of your wallet transactions. This will help give users a sense of when the blockchain is syncing so they can more accurately verify transactions based on the sync status.

Additional bug fixes and UI enhancements were made with this release as well.