Paymaz — A Single App to Complete the Entire Crypto Life-cycle

If you are a crypto trader, you must have experienced the pains of the roundabout methodologies on most trading platforms. Many-a-times, this cumbersome process leads to inadvertent delays and we all know that a delay of even a few hours can cost big time in the crypto world. Asking prices are lost and the momentum gathered at the moment dissipates.

All trading platforms that allow buying and exchanging of cryptocurrencies work on a similar methodology. First, you have to buy either bitcoins or ether and then use them to buy other altcoins. However, as earlier mentioned, this is a time-consuming process. The investor/trader also loses a lot of money in exchanging one asset for the other. So valuable resources of money and time are lost in the cumbrous process.

Traders also hold multiple wallets for security concerns as well as ease of operations. While one wallet may provide a few features, another wallet may provide different features, however, there is no Universal Wallet that aims at providing all of the features required by an investor/trader for safe, secure and fast crypto trading.

The Paymaz app seeks to solve the universal problems faced by traders and investors around the world.

We believe that crypto trading should be easy, safe, secure and accessible to anyone with money to invest. It should never put hurdles in the path to investing in the assets of the future and everyone — from tech savvy investors to the layperson who is just starting his journey into the cryptosphere — should be able to reap the rewards of investing in an exciting new asset class.

The Fiat Central feature of the Paymaz ecosystem makes buying cryptocurrencies a breeze.

The underlying Coinnup Swift Swipe (CSS) protocol that powers Fiat Central allows the users to buy the cryptocurrency of their choice rather than buying BTC or ETH and then converting them. And to top it all, it takes on an average a mere 10 seconds to complete the transaction. The mechanism also cuts down on conversion and transaction fees by a whopping 75%.

With the CSS protocol, withdrawal of crypto assets will also become easier and cut down on transaction fees and other charges. Users can link their preferred modes of payment (bank account, debit or credit card) in the “Smart Link” feature, which will allow quick payments and deposits to avoid delays.

All of Paymaz’s features will be linked to provide a seamless crypto trading experience to users. Coinnup, the parent umbrella ecosystem has also envisaged an asset management services to traders that will help them keep track of all their crypto investments from a single easy-to-use portal with all the stats, analysis and real time figures to help them create long term value.

The Paymaz platform is a boon for crypto traders who wanted a single reputable global platform to complete the entire crypto lifecycle. From buying, exchanging, selling and paying for services, Paymaz has ticked all the boxes to offer an unparalleled experience to crypto enthusiasts the world over. We believe that only with ease of transactions can cryptocurrencies march confidently towards mass adoption which is the ultimate aim of the crypto movement.

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