The Real Robinhood of Options Trading

Much can be said about the current market cycle, in a post-covid19 market crash world, where it took mainstream media 5 months to declare a “new bull market”. Smart money bought the dip. But buying the didn’t turn $514 into $38,345 and definitely not in 3 months. In this publication, I’ll show you what did!

I’m going to highlight some of the strategies I used, from psychological, to risk management; Adaptive position sizing for modifying exposure to keep up with the market’s volatility while attempting to not overexpose the portfolio. …

And the Impact on BTC

On 10/31/2019 our team sent out a Parabolic Correspondence newsletter titled “Risk-On!!”. The trigger for such a bold newsletter was the fact that the SPY monthly chart closed above its long term 2.618 Fibonacci level. From that point on the possibility of a new SPY all-time high was on, with a parabolic ascent a likely scenario.

In this publication, we will attempt to shed some light on the historical correlation between traditional market Risk-On cycles and BTC. Keep in mind Bitcoin’s last %2700 move from $600 to the previous all-time high of $20,000, coincided with the SPY’s Parabolic ascent from…

Highest Probability Trading System

Beating the market is a bold claim, but can it be done and on what scale?

In order to outperform a market, one must first understand how markets work. Asset prices can be qualified as trending or ranging. There can be small ranges within a trend and small trends within ranges. But the key factor that suggests where a chart is heading before it’s next destination is “liquidity”.

Let’s go ahead and establish our in-house definition of liquidity before proceeding:

Liquidity: The next swing low or swing high pivot on a chart, where price action is…

Diminishing Demand, the case for Four Figures.

Bitcoin has been on shattering one yearly high after the next. Q2 of 2019 has been a raging bull-run. The Grandfather of Cryptocurrency has surged upwards of %259 since our publication claiming that the cryptocurrency market was in for new beginnings on March 31st of 2019. Just two short days before the first $1,000 dollar upwards candle.

Another market edge theory that we’re not willing to disclose at the moment, has our bullish Bitcoin target at $4,700. More importantly 4pm CST today and this coming week could mark new beginnings for the Cryptocurrency…

Stock Market Trouble & Doomsday Basket

First and foremost, none of the following is to be considered as financial advice. This information is coming from a market research and development firm that specializes in speculative assets. These are our view on the market’s current standing. We openly admit to currently having a bearish bias towards traditional markets.

Our previous stock market publication was in October of 2018, 2 months prior to equities plummeting to the 1000 Daily moving average on Christmas Eve.

Since then the market has recovered and even posted new all-time highs. Which very exceeded what we thought…

Comprehensive, Profitable, and Automated Altcoin Trading Solution.

Altcoin trade management can become a full time job full of conundrums. Questions such as when to profit take, when to add, when to trail the stop, when to exit the trade are questions that traders ponder on a daily basis.

“Plan your trade, trade your plan” has been preached in all markets, and the Cryptocurrency market is no different. But as a trader are you really executing your plan?

Are you profit taking at targets, are you trailing your stop into profits, how disciplined are you being?

At Coin Observatory we’ve determined…

Is Ethereum Bullish?

Currently down some 88% off it’s all time high, ETH is trading around $164. Since December 2018 lows, price action has consolidated into an ascending triangle, with price currently trading above the triangle. Which is typically bullish. Formations such as ascending triangles tend to retest for a pre-flight check.

But what’s currently peaking our interest is ETH/BTC, the Ethereum Bitcoin pair. As historically it’s acted as a hedge, especially after bullish bitcoin gusts, as Bitcoin was pulling back after climbing to relatively new highs.

Market Cycles:

Market Sense and Nonsense

In this article I will highlight several findings that have helped our firm establish an edge over the market, especially when it comes to margin trading Bitcoin and BTC futures.
I’ll cover the differences between various bitcoin charts, explain weekend price action, cover gap fills, and highlight BTC’s current standing on what we believe is the most valid chart.

Bitcoin Charts:
Whether you’re new to Cryptocurrencies or a veteran choosing the right BTCUSD chart to trade on is a conundrum of itself. …

Possibilities and Probabilities

3 Cascading Bullish Formations

A bullish impulsive move of the Cryptocurrency Market Cap last week stimulated the crypto-economy and then some. Spirits are lifted, Crypto Twitter is alive, the market pulse screams overdue bullish volatility.

What could potentially turn into a series of catalyst to set Bitcoin and her companions free and out of the bear market trenches is looming ahead.
Last Thursday evening’s surge in Cryptocurrency prices into the Friday and the weekend appears to be the onset of a relief rally, which if fuelled by an inverse correlation to traditional assets in the form of a hedge, and…

Correlation Returns

BNB Binance’s own token has proven to be one of the strongest coins, currently at a 6600% growth in BTC value since it’s inception some 550 days ago.

The factors resulting in this tokens rise are numerous, but I’ll limit this article to one of the more significant ones. And how BNB/BTC’s value can potentially tell us what to expect from the rest of the market cap.


Over the course of 2018, BTC/USD and BNB/BTC experienced 6 clear cycles of inverse correlation. As BTC/USD make gains BNB/BTC registered losses, and as BNB/BTC soared, BTC/USD experienced sell-offs. …

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