Coinolix Cryptocurrency Exchange Promotional video

Here presenting you Coinolex. World class cryptocurrency exchange in the present state of art, ecosystem, which includes CLX coins, coinolix exchange and Coinamia fiat coin (USD). The company has well established. Its business across the globe in countries like Australia, London, united states,etc…. The exchange transaction services would take place 24*7 Trading would be more simple and can be easily accessed from home, office, beach or anywhere in the world by using mobile, tablets and desktop just by installing an application or software or by just surfing the browser. Coinolix offers multiple cryptocurrencies for trading such as BTC, ETH, CLX (COINOLIX) LITE, RIPPLE, NEO, ADA, DASH and many more. We understand the value of money and thus we charge the lowest fees and create the faith and bond with our customers. Not only that but our First 25,000 premium customers who trade worth 80 BTC equivalent amount per month and holds 20,000 or more CLX coins will be provided free service, which means they would be charged NIL for one whole year. As low as max 4 dollars per trade would be charged for the next one hundred thousand clients who trade equivalent amount to 50 BTC per month and holds 10,000 CLX coins for the entire 365 days. And flat 50% discount in fees for the remaining clients holding 5,000 CLX coins without any condition on trading. With the help of technical support and customer service, we sustain 1.2 million transactions per second with simultaneous users on the platform. Deposits and Withdrawals in COINOLIX EXCHANGE would be available by all major cryptocurrency & also with “COINAMIA FIAT COIN”.

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