Most profitable trusted ico to invest in 2018

By profitable we mean yielding profit or financial gain. Hence an ICO which promises sure shot profit gains is a myth. However, there are certain key parameters that ensure that the ICO’s promise of great returns is strong. One such ICO is the Coinolix, which is the most profitable ICO to invest in 2018. The Pre-ICO starts in 40 days time and it has all the ingredients of a blockbuster ICO.

Features of a Profitable ICO:

Here are the top features that you may find in the every trusted and Profitable ICO:

1. The Idea

Unlike other loudmouths ICOs, the Coinolix stays true to the innate nature of Blockchain, i.e., it solves an existential problem by providing an alternative that both works and is tamper proof. Coinolix is a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange that supports trading (buying and selling) of popular cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH, XRP, LTC, DASH, NEO (ANS), CLX (Coinolix Coin), USDC (USD pegged Coinolix coin).

2. Exchange services include

  • Margin trading
  • Futures market trades
  • Spot market trading

3. The Lightning Trading Algorithm

The Coinolix has a great user interface that makes the trading experience outright easy. However, key USP of the Platform is its lightning fast algorithm that ensures high scalability and speed of transactions.

4. Security

Cryptocurrency trade exchanges are not a new concept. But the existing ones have suffered from scalability to hacker attacks. Some are even unable to handle volume traffic and suffer from downtimes. This is not the case with COINOLIX. The key features include:

  • DDoS attacks protection
  • Exchange audit
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Encryption and Backup

5. The Tokens

Lifeline of the Coinolix platform is the ERC20 standard CLX Tokens. Being ERC20 standard, these tokens are easily tradable on the platform as well as can be used for other services on the Ethereum Environment. Interoperability is a key feature that makes the CLX Token multipurpose and adds inherent value to the platform. Lastly, all payments like transaction fees, withdrawal fees, margin fees can be made in CLX. One CLX is pegged to $ 0.2 (during pre-sale).

  • ICO public Pre-Sale will start on with bonus offer on (GMT+3) 10:00 8 Oct 2018
    with 20% Bonus.
  • CLX coin price will be 0.20USD during Pre-Sale.
  • ICO Pre-Sale ends on (GMT+3) 10:00 07 Nov 2018.
  • Buy Back and Burn program ensures a quarterly check on liquidity. Huge incentives will be on offer during the buyback period.

Here are other key details:

ICO Pre-Sale:

Token Rate: 1 CLX = 0.20 USD
Pre-Sale supply: 100 Million CLX
Start Date: 8 Oct 2018
End Date: 7 Nov 2018
Minimum Purchase: 500 USD
Acceptable currencies: BTC, ETH, LTC

Furthermore, Coinolix will also introduce the Coinamia Fiat Coin (USDC). This would be a standard crypto token that will be pegged to one US dollar. This asset-backed crypto token will ensure stability and liquidity on the exchange platform. The corresponding gold will be held in Coinolix owned.

The USDC stable coin will garner trust and credibility on the platform as well as attract potential investors. Besides Coinolix will adopt a strict litmus test for other participating cryptocurrencies on the exchange. If they satisfy the Coinolix exchange criteria than only will they be listed on the platform.