Role of Coinolix in Cryptocurrency Exchange

Exchange drives businesses growth. They are a necessity in the modern world for conflict-free business transactions which subsume a whole spectrum of goods, services, stocks, and assets.

There are various forms of traditional exchanges. These vary from linear exchanges like commodity exchange to multidimensional and multi-purpose exchange like the Stock Exchange.

For long a common standard for valuing services and goods has been the FIAT currencies. Especially the US Dollar remains the yardstick for all traditional exchanges.

However, FIAT Currencies remain plagued by the limitation and loopholes of the of the current Financial Structures. This is where cryptocurrencies enjoy an innate upper hand over traditional FIAT Currencies. And this trickles down to the cryptocurrency exchanges too.

Coinolix is one such global cryptocurrency exchange that adds scalability and liquidity to the transaction of asset, services, goods, and values. In this blog, we highlight the Role of Coinolix in Cryptocurrency Exchange.

Scalability: Coinolix exchange comes powered by a robust exchange machine. A powerful matching algorithm approves transactions in seconds. This means that exchange is real-time and high trade requests are approved per second. And unlike other cryptocurrency exchange, there is no waiting time or transaction congestion.

Multiple Trading Pairs: Coinolix supports a wide pool of trading pair requests. These include the popular cryptocurrencies like ETH, BTC, XRP, LTC, NEO as well. Other than this, users can also perform a variety of other trades like Spot Market Trading, Futures Market trades, Margin Trading.

Moreover, all trading protocols i.e Request, Approve and Execute, are secured using smart contracts. Ethereum Smart Contracts are lines of code that self-execute when certain predefined conditions of the agreement between trade participant or participants and the platform are met.

24*7 Customer Support: A welcome feature on the Coinolix Exchange Services is the 24*7 Customer support. Each day cryptocurrency exchange across the globe are bombarded with complains ranging from whitelisting issues during teething stages to stalled transactions/trades owing to high requests and trade volumes. While Coinolix nips most issues in the bud, it also makes sure that Coinolix platform users, CLX Token Owners, as well as Coinolix ICO Participants have a 24*7 Customer support for all their queries and issues. We have an immediate and robust regressed addressal system in place that filters and channels customer complains/ issues to the appropriate individual/team with the skillset to solve that problem.

Cold Storage: Cryptocurrency Exchange is decentralised to offer transparency and fair-play. However, this is also breeding ground for hackers. While most exchanges today stand vulnerable to the hacker attack and some have already been duped of billions of dollars, the Coinolix Cryptocurrency exchange houses cold storage for asset reserves. This makes hacking a futile and fruitless effort. Hackers stand to lose more than the gains from breaching Coinolix Security Walls.

The above are some of the key roles of Coinolix in Cryptocurrency Exchange. We hope that this was helpful to readers. For more on Coinolix Cryptocurrency Exchange, please visit the official Coinolix Website.