Coinomi Wallet Adds Support for Presearch PRE Token

May 15th, 2018 — Coinomi is excited to announce support for Presearch PRE Tokens.

Presearch is building an open, decentralized search engine that pays users to search with its PRE cryptocurrency.

With a community of more than 40,000 beta users, token purchasers and supporters, Presearch and Coinomi have received constant requests from Presearch community members to add support for PRE Tokens.

“Just like Presearch, user privacy is one of Coinomi’s most fundamental principles. As thousands of users earn PRE tokens, they will feel safe and secure knowing that their privacy is a top priority in both their browser and in their wallet. Users can store their PRE along with over 120 blockchains and hundreds of tokens while still maintaining anonymity and full control of their private keys” said Coinomi CEO, George Kimionis . “This integration comes at a critical time as users realize the importance of their data and help shape emerging projects and technologies. Coinomi is proud to support Presearch which will better the blockchain ecosystem and provide real application to the community.”

The two companies are pleased to bring the PRE Token to millions of Coinomi users who store their bitcoin, ethereum, and other ERC20 tokens in Coinomi’s award-winning wallet.

“Interest in Presearch and the open search movement is exploding due to the Cambridge Analytica scandal and the recent revelations about just how much data Google and Facebook are collecting,” said Presearch founder, Colin Pape. “By partnering with Coinomi, we’re providing Presearchers with a great platform to hold and manage their Presearch tokens.”

Those interested in joining the open search movement are invited to sign up for the Presearch beta today and earn PRE tokens while they search at

About Coinomi

Coinomi is a security-first, SegWit-enabled, multi-asset wallet that provides native support and true ownership for 119 blockchains and 382 tokens for a total of 501 assets, available in 168 fiat currency representations and 25 languages. Users can exchange all supported assets instantly from within the app via the built-in instant exchanges ShapeShift and Changelly. Founded in 2014 Coinomi is the oldest multi-asset wallet with millions of active users while at the same time no Coinomi wallet has ever been hacked or otherwise compromised. See more at:

About Presearch

Presearch is building a decentralized search engine, powered by the community. The platform rewards searchers with PRE tokens, which sponsors purchase to run advertisements. The platform is open, transparent and respects your data and privacy while providing you with quick, easy access to the best resources on the web, increasing choice and quality.

For more information on Presearch, you can visit the project website at, or sign up to be a beta tester at