Partnership With Global Real Estate Platform ATLANT

London, September 6, 2017 — Coinomi has announced a new partnership with global real estate platform ATLANT, to natively support ATL tokens in its popular Android cryptocurrency wallet. Coinomi wallet users will also be able to enjoy one-click contribution capability for ATLANT’s ICO, which begins on September 7, 2017 at exactly 1:00 UTC.

ATLANT’s integration with Coinomi is an important step for the global real estate platform which is running its ICO from September 7 through October 31, and is launching its platform in March, 2018. The Coinomi partnership will help the ATLANT community to be able to participate in ATLANT’S ICO much more easily by using the Coinomi wallet.

“Atlant’s tokenization of the real-estate market where property assets can be appraised, rented out and even traded directly on the blockchain opens up a previously arduous market to the whole world and causes hemorrhage to centralized services that are currently monopolizing the domain, and what better way to securely store and trade these assets than Coinomi, the industry’s leading, never-hacked, multi-asset wallet that allows for true ownership over the contained assets.” said George Kimionis, CEO of Coinomi.

“We are pleased to have this support for ATLANT from Coinomi.” said Julian Svirsky, CEO of ATLANT “Most importantly, though, are the benefits to Coinomi users, who will be able to contribute to the ATLANT ICO, and otherwise purchase and trade the ATL token after our platform launches, directly from their Coinomi wallet.”

The partnership between Coinomi and ATLANT will benefit the user communities of both organizations, making for a more convenient and seamless user experience for all involved.


ATLANT is a global real estate platform which will offer tokenized ownership and P2P rentals. The platform is currently being built and is scheduled for launch in March, 2018. The ICO (Initial Coin Offering) which will fund the development and launch of the ATLANT platform begins on September 7 and runs through October 31. See more at:

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