Coinomia Review Cross 45,000 Affiliates in 11 Days Since We Went Live

Coinomia Review to Cross 45,000 Affiliates in 11 Days Since We Went Live ….

That’s An Average of 4,000+ Coinomia Review Affiliates A Day Joining Us From All Different Countries Around The World !

We Have Entered in Top 50,000 Sites Across The World And In Top 5,000 And 10,000 Sites In Many Countries

India is Absolutely on fire and many other countries like Brazil ,Germany ,Poland , USA , Algeria , Mexico , Indonesia , Philipines Are catching on…

Coinomia Review have the best of the best leaders joining us everyday from around the world …

Our Coinomia Review live chat engagement rate is close to 3000 % and already 20 full time agents are live and 50+ are in training right now

In Next 48–72 Hours ,We should be able to ramp up the live chat team and have a 24/7 round the clock Virtual Mining Assistant Service …

Think about it..

All you really got to do here is advertise your referral links everywhere you can and get those free signups..

After that let your VA’s take care of the rest

Easiest most automated business possible ….

Coinomia Review have 20 more days before we launch and at this rate we will cross over 200k signups by November 1st and may be even more…

If I am you , I will work the hardest for next 20 days and drive as much traffic as I can to my coinomia referral links..

If I have the money , I will do FB ads ,Solo Ads , Etc and drive as much clicks as possible to my Coinomia Review Referral links !

If I don’t have money , I will post my referral links on as many online classified sites as possible , message all my friends on facebook, message everyone on my whats app list , call everyone on my phone list and let them know about this life changing business…

We are just getting started and our competition is already getting scared of us and using all sorts of negative marketing to demean us but one thing they forgot which is rule #1 of publicity : any publicity is good publicity


The more they talk about Coinomia Review , the more famous we become..

Here are few things coming in next 7 days which will take this game to next level

1.24/7 Live Virtual Mining Assistants who are being paid handsomely and are well trained to answer all your questions and your team mates question….

They will even help you to set your bitcoin wallet and get it funded incase you don’t know so you are prepared to pre fund your accounts before the launch and don’t loose out on anything…

2.Trackers for your referral links comnig so you can track your advertising efforts and see from where you are getting hits and signups and accordingly focus more on resources which are giving you better results..

3.More stats on your dasboard which will help you understand things even in a better way

4.Translation Of Coinomia Review Compensation Plan Document In 6 Different Langauages (Russian , Chinese ,German , French , Polish And Italian) to start with and slowly we will translate it to 20 more languages..

5.Translated versions of concept pdf’s in all sorts of different languaages

6.Detailed Coinomia Review Video presentations of Concept by our top leaders in Different Languages….

And Much More….. Coinomia Review

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Lets work together and make this the biggest launch in online MLM crypto space and in process help you create your biggest first month cheques online….

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