New Long-Term Partnership for Coinounce — Introducing FintruX to Asia

January 1st 2018 — Coinounce is pleased to announce a long-term partnership with Singapore-based FintruX, an ICO offering blockchain based P2P-lending services. The partnership will give FintruX access to Coinounce’s resources and networks in Asia, particularly in South Korea and Japan, and will commence from January 1st 2018.

Coinounce has built a strong network of influencers and marketing experts in South Korea, which has enabled the expanding of their services from localisation services to community management in specific regions around the world. Having worked with FintruX in the past, Coinounce was asked to assist in the community management for Fintrux’s South Korean market, with the aim of eventually expanding this service to Japan and potentially other regions. FintruX’s commitment, especially that of Co-Founder Conrad Lin, to the establishment of this partnership has played a vital role in its successful execution.

“Coinounce has been a fantastic team to work with so far. They are professional and always available to answer all the inquiries I have regarding translations. I am pleased to engage their services to reach out to the South Korean and Japanese crypto markets.” — Conrad Lin, Co-Founder of FintruX.

FintruX aims to go to the market and scale the platform by Q4 of 2018. Coinounce strongly believes that it can successfully support FintruX in their expansion.

About FintruX

FintruX aims to make unsecure loans secure and has over two decades of experience in the securitization sector. The firm applies levels of credit enhancements to offer risk reduction towards unsecured loans. FintruX’s goal is to disrupt the organisation and administration practices of unsecured loans, which will neutralize the lenders’ risks and provide insurances to cover losses.

About Coinounce:

Coinounce is a global network of trusted professionals that provide the required accuracy and knowledge to successfully provide tailored ICO services to their clients. Such services include the localisation and formatting of whitepapers and websites, as well as targeted market expansion through tailored social media influencer packages.

Founded by business school student Alexander Lempka and engineering student Sebastian Spiteri from the University of Warwick, Coinounce aims to become the largest group providing such dedicated professional services to this sector.

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