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4 min readAug 18, 2022

Ahoy Crew, in this blog post, we want to go over four main topics.

  • Overview of the past months
  • Wax blockchain
  • Coin Pirates 2
  • NEAR Protocol
  • The future of Coin Pirates on WAX

Before we start, we want to thank the community for supporting us during our most challenging time. We feel the support and are confident that Ukraine 🇺🇦 will be victorious in this war.

Overview of the past months

Since the start of the year, we have been working hard to launch the Beta version of Coin Pirates. Thanks to the community and the team’s dedication, we have successfully launched the Beta version with the main functionality — Battles! With the Battles launch, we released special assets that gave variety to these battles.

Later in the year, we launched the upgrade mechanics along with tons of bug fixes (and we know more need to come). Then the war started.

After the start of the war, we had to take some time to adjust to the new reality. After an adjustment period, we continued to work on bug fixes for Coin Pirates, and we did what we could to help our country. One of the projects that we did was We have also done some outsourcing projects to support the team in these difficult times, and we have managed to retain the team members that were with Coin Pirates from the beginning.

WAX blockchain

We believe that there is a general issue with NFT games. Today, the majority views NFTs and NFT-based games as strictly speculative affairs. That is not the impression we wanted to give with Coin Pirates. Our main goal was always gameplay. We may have lacked in other departments, but we knew we wanted to create something more than just a click to earn.

The state of the WAX blockchain and crypto generally is not at its best (to say the least). It is not easy to move forward with developing a great game when the culture of games on the chain is purely speculative. Buy in early — sell with a profit — move on to the next project. There are fewer and fewer users who care about the quality of the games and want to actually play them.

Coin Pirates 2

We want to share our vision for Coin Pirates 2. There are going to be a few main changes from Coin Pirates.

  • Mobile-only 📱
    We identified that many of our users play on mobile, and the mobile gaming market has accounted for 45% of video gaming revenue worldwide. This is an ample opportunity to spread awareness of Coin Pirates.
  • Free to Play 🆓
    We want the players to try out the game and be hooked by its gameplay. Then once they are, they will have an option to stand out with the help of different NFTs.
  • Unity 𝌡
    Our main change is going to be the game engine. Currently, we use Cocos 3d, which limits us in what we can add to the game both graphically and mechanically. Therefore, we decided to switch to Unity.
  • Overhaul to battles 💣
    In Coin Pirates, the battles are turn-based. In Coin Pirates 2, there will be live-action battles. You will be able to take control of your ship and have PvP battles on a whole new level.
  • New features 🎉
    The new features will include treasure hunting, trading routes, rescue quests, etc.

NEAR Protocol

NEAR Protocol has been around since 2017 and has made some headlines. In the past months, we have discussed collaboration with the NEAR team. After some discussions, we have received a grant offer from NEAR to develop Coin Pirates on their platform. This week we have finalized the deal for $50,000.00, and we will develop Coin Pirates 2 on NEAR. We wanted to thank the NEAR team for believing in us and supporting our vision of Coin Pirates.

This partnership comes in the team’s most difficult times and is a lifeline for Coin Pirates. With NEAR support, we can continue the development of Coin Pirates and attract more users to the pirate universe.

The Future of Coin Pirates on WAX

We understand that there will be some questions from the WAX community on what happens next. This is what the WAX community will receive.

  • Private Alpha access on NEAR.
  • Private Discord channel for Alpha users.
  • Continued support of Coin Pirates on WAX.
  • Special benefits on NEAR which are specific to the most active community members.

Our plan is to monitor the development of the WAX ecosystem. We hope that WAX leadership can bring the blockchain to a new level. Eventually, as that happens, our goal is to port Coin Pirates into Coin Pirates 2 and add a bridge between NEAR and WAX.

The team is grateful for all the community’s support throughout this journey. We are committed to looking after the community like you guys did for us. With this expansion to NEAR, we plan to grow the Coin Pirates community and continue to evolve on both blockchains.

Stay tuned for more announcements and details 🏴‍☠️



Coin Pirates

Ahoy mateys, are you ready to walk the plank or become the most fierce pirate in the Seven Seas? In Coin Pirates, the world is randomly generated.