List of Sevices

Here is the complete list of services:

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Note: The fees for payout options or when you decide to cash out your money here in Thailand varies. As there are different outlets to choose from, every outlet charges differently. Check our detailed list of fees. aims to make people’s lives faster and easier in the cheapest way possible. We want you to take control of your money with the lowest fees you can ever imagine. It is very accessible for everyone especially for those who doesn’t have their own bank accounts. We only give 1% fee when you buy bitcoin with us and charge you nothing when you decide to send your bitcoins or funds in different parts of the world.

Opening your own bitcoin wallet is an effortless job. There’s no need for long documentation process that you will usually find in any financial institutions or banks. All you need is an email account and ID (for Thai nationals only) or Passport for identification.

If you have any questions about our services, please feel free to email us at or call us at +66 2 038 5038.

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