Greetings everyone.

We are pleased to announce that the hunt for exclusive cosmetic items is finally here!

Each game account will only be able to acquire ONE copy of each kind of skin.
This will prevent hardcore players to accumulate all of them.

Greetings everyone!

We are glad to announce that we finally feel ready to show everyone what we were doing all this time.

Here is what you need to know about this demo.

You will retain all in-game tokens (STL) you earn while playing the game and can use them on full launch of Coins & Steel!

In about a week we will enable farming for extremely rare cosmetic skins, which can be obtained only through playing the demo. They will alter the way your character looks in-game.

All skins will be tradable on Ethereum mainnet after later implementation.

We are excited to announce our DEMO release in March 2019

It is time to sharpen your mighty swords, string your bows and polish your staffs…the moons align and the door is about to burst open into a new wonderful and amazing world of dangerous and thrilling adventures.

We decided to give this one a healthy twist from the beginning on and bring a new meaning to the term demo.

We don’t want you to spend hours and hours playing without getting anything out of it. …

Today we have an exciting announcement: the Coins & Steel Pre-Sale begins!

Coins & Steel is an epic Multiplayer RPG that is built on blockchain. It leverages this technology in multiple ways, but with the main drive to make an experience that empowers players by granting total ownership, and one that leverages scarcity by making items truly unique.

Read more about Coins & Steel!

But Coins & Steel is more than just a blockchain game, it’s a grand adventure in the making. A tale of clans and wars, of lords and kings. Of great beasts, and even greater loot!


Your time is valuable, and what you choose to spend your time on can be as equally valuable. At least, it’s important enough to you to invest that time.

Whether it be that 4 foot tall house of cards you’ve been slaving at for a month, or those perfectly marinated braised ribs you’ve been saving for that special dinner with your in-laws, your efforts may shine through the finished product but only for a moment. One day that house of cards will fall and somebody’s gotta eat those ribs.

Coins & Steel

Coin & Steel is a fantasy open world multiplayer role-playing game executed completely on blockchain, making extensive use of smart contracts.

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