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May 4 · 2 min read

Greetings everyone.

We are pleased to announce that the hunt for exclusive cosmetic items is finally here!

Each game account will only be able to acquire ONE copy of each kind of skin.
This will prevent hardcore players to accumulate all of them.

Look for these 3 world bosses to get your desired skins.

The items will be published in waves. Before every wave we will announce what skins and quantities are being released to loot from the world bosses.

To get loot from a boss you have to damage him at least 1% of its Maximum Health and of course he needs to be overthrown in the given time frame.
Every skin has approximately 2.5% chance of dropping from a killed boss.

As mentioned in an earlier article they will be carried over until the final release of Coins & Steel and are going to be transferable and tradeable on the Ethereum Network in the near future.

If you want to play Coins & Steel just download and install the game using links below:

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Coin & Steel is a fantasy open world multiplayer role-playing game executed completely on blockchain, making extensive use of smart contracts.