Coins & Steel: The Adventure begins!

Coins & Steel

We are excited to announce our DEMO release in March 2019

It is time to sharpen your mighty swords, string your bows and polish your staffs…the moons align and the door is about to burst open into a new wonderful and amazing world of dangerous and thrilling adventures.

We decided to give this one a healthy twist from the beginning on and bring a new meaning to the term demo.

We don’t want you to spend hours and hours playing without getting anything out of it. Therefore we decided that the items you collect in your great Adventures will carry over to the next phase of development and can ultimately be used in the final publication.

WHAAAAAT? Did I hear that right? YES you did.

Let me explain a little further…

All coins you will scavenge on your adventures, all resources you gather and all skins for your equipment you encounter are yours to keep and will persist to the next stage, when resets are necessary for development.

You will be able to swap your coins or buy goods with them once the game enters in the final development stage.

Some of the crafting resources: blade, leather straps, goblin ear, tooth, gems and wood

Resources consist in normal stuff like wood and minerals, but you might find some goblin ear useful, shards, gems, or hey…some teeth or leather straps.
Those items will get you going once crafting will be implemented, but later more on that…

Now, the Crown Jewels of the demo….Skins.
Oh yes my friends, I am talking about those kind of skins you can get from the ongoing Founders Sale on

Some of the Founders Sale Skins

You will be able to find skins for your equipment in the demo and use them to ascend your character to an even more powerful and mighty citizen of Coins & Steel during your travels with us.

Are there gonna be monsters and evil foes?

Yes of course, plenty of angry mobs will be present to your disposal!
We even have an enormous and taunting end boss for you, spawning in a random location after he got defeated.
But, I can tell you, better get some friends and family to annihilate him, that is not a one wo/man job.

Heroes and something about Abilities…

He really looks too hard to kill. O_O

Your Hero chooses a basic class, specializing in his path of glory, deciding if he wants to be a lethal trained Fighter, a quick and deadly Archer or even one of the brilliant powerful Wizards.

Use your Abilities and make your oppponents shiver in fear!

Abilities are modifications you obtain by leveling up your Hero in glorious battles. For our demo release we have a small assortment you can unlock bit by bit to add an extra boom to your presence, unleashing an additional behavior or altering the core attack of your weapon.

What Abilities are there? Here you have it:

Energizing Punch — Holy Guard — Mighty Slash — Frenzy — Precision — Raging Plunge
  • Energizing Punch:

100% damage grants 5 energy

  • Holy Guard:

Adds 10% physical reduction, also grants 10% more maximum health (5 energy, 10 seconds cooldown, 5 seconds duration)

  • Mighty Slash:

Deals 150% damage to a row of targets, stunning them, grants 1 rage per stunned enemy (15 energy, 3 seconds, 10 seconds cooldown)

  • Frenzy:

Deals 180% damage and increase attack speed, up 3 stacks of more attack speed buff 10% each (10 energy, 9 seconds cooldown, buff for 10 seconds)

  • Precision:

Buff for 3% critical chance, critical hits make target bleed during effect (5 energy, 10 seconds cooldown, 14 seconds duration)

  • Raging Plunge:

Deals 300% damage to 2 random enemies (3 rage cost, no cooldown)

Whats up ahead — a little “Roadmap”

Coins & Steel is designed to be a humongous and versatile, self governing, open-world and free to play MMORPG, with unique game mechanics and 100% Blockchain integration and execution.

Even though lots of features will get implemented over time and others get enhanced on the way, I would like to point out three for today:

  • CryptoKitties

We will give a whole new meaning to CryptoKitties and integrate them as pets into our game…those are vicious creatures if you didn’t know!
They just look cute and behave when they are at home, believe me i have seen them getting all pumped up and eager to fight for their owner…scary little buggers!

Pets are a special type of passive asset in Coins & Steel and they can equip 1 special item to enhance their stats.
They will defend or attack with you till the end.

  • Crafting

Crafting will be an essential part of your game play to upgrade your common equipment to something special and more valuable.

This makes resources an important good in this game and worthwhile farming for it in the demo release.
You gonna love to keep all the resources during the stages of development.
Get yourself ready to rock when crafting gets implemented!

  • Legendary Gear

Legendary items will be a big part of your Hero life in the future. They will give you an opportunity to build a much more powerful character in several different ways. Those precious items will drop soon and you gonna make a mean machine putting them on…they might make you even more handsome.

If Coins & Steel sounds like a game you’re just dying to play then share this article to spread the word, and checkout the official Coins & Steel website as well as our social media pages:

Oh and don’t forget to give us your claps and follow our Medium for more regular updates.

Coins & Steel

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Coin & Steel is a fantasy open world multiplayer role-playing game executed completely on blockchain, making extensive use of smart contracts.

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