Secure Script for Gateway Payment Method

Our platform is built to be open. Your customers don’t need an account, and all of our features are built for the real bitcoin network.

Native Payment Protocol 

Secure, Signed Payment 

Direct Payment 

Easy Flow
Best Support

List of Numerous Advantages

  • BUYER ACCOUNT: to manage purchases, view their bitcoin balance, update personal details etc
  • SELLER ACCOUNT: add items for sale, view their bitcoin balance, update personal details etc
  • Admin backend to manage all users (be able to suspend/delete or upgrade status), bitcoin wallet balances, listings, categories for listings etc
  • Simple marketplace functionality — categories (only addable by admin), simple image with description underneath and click though to more detailed description + to buy or bid
  • HIGHLY SECURE — this marketplace cannot be open to any SQL injection or other common attacks. I will be commissioning a security expert to pen test prior to launch
  • Mobile responsive so the front end should ideally be built on Bootstrap or another responsive framework
  • All static pages, CSS should be editable by me easily (I am a developer so can easily edit from raw HTML, CSS files)
  • Happy for a PHP framework such as Laravel or CodeIgnitor to be used as long as it is impeccably secure