How to buy Coinseed Tokens using MyEthereumWallet

Mar 17, 2018 · 5 min read

Disclaimer: This is document is only meant to serve as a tool to guide you through the purchase of Coinseed tokens. We are not responsible for any loss and cannot guarantee that the services listed below will work as intended.


To follow this guide, you will need:

  1. A web browser.
  2. A certain amount of ethereum (ETH) in the account that you control.

Note: This guide is only for those who wish to contribute to the ICO in Ethereum. If you wish to do so in Bitcoin or Litecoin, these instructions don’t apply.

Getting Started

The two most important ingredients in buying Coinseed Tokens is having ETH to buy tokens with, and having an ERC20 compatible address to send from.

If you don’t have an ERC20-compatible address to send from, or ether (ETH) to contribute, start from Step 1. Otherwise, skip straight to Step 5 (where we show you how to buy Ether).

We’ve chosen to use My Ether Wallet because it’s one of the most widely used. You can use other types of wallets, but they MUST be ERC20-compatible, otherwise you will not receive your tokens.

Step 1: Creating an account

Navigate to

Once that is done, generate a wallet by following the directions given by the website.

Step 2: Save your wallet

This is a very important step. Make sure to save the wallet file and to keep a backup. If your wallet data is lost, all of the ether/tokens locked inside will be gone permanently.

Step 3: Viewing Wallet Info

To be able to view your wallet information, click on the “View Wallet Info” tab. Here you will need to add the JSON keystore file that you created.

Unlock your account and you should arrive at an account information page.

Step 4: Getting Ether

To be able to participate in the ICO, you will need to have some ether (ETH) in an account that you control.

You can buy ETH from different exchanges using a plethora of currencies. Note: just like purchasing Bitcoins, there are fees associated with every transaction. So sending 1 ether will not exactly give you back the amount of tokens that you expect, it will be slightly less meaning the transaction fee will be subtracted.

WARNING: Do not send ether directly from an exchange to our contribution address. It is possible that you will lose those tokens. We suggest buying ether on exchanges, and sending that ether over to your own privately controlled account in MyEtherWallet. Then, you can safely contribute directly to our crowdfunding address from there.

Step 5: Buying Coinseed Tokens

The ICO will be active from March 20, AM. PDT, and will close on October 29, 9 AM. PDT, or whenever the supply of tokens reaches zero. Before doing anything, please verify that you are in the crowdfund period.

Please ensure you are on our Secure website. Our website address is:

This is the main page of You’ll see the “Join Whitelist” button (It will change to “Contribute Now”). Click it.

This is the beginning of the contribution process. Click on Create an Account. We require all contributors to read and agree to the terms and conditions and white paper. Once you have done so, hit “Create an Account”.

Scroll down to the “fund your account” section. Select the currency you wish to contribute in. Select Ethereum, and click on “Generate Your Payment Address” button.

Now you can see the contribution address that you will need to send your ETH to!

Step 1. Go back to

Step 2. Go to the tab Send Ether & Tokens

Step 3. Choose the authorization option, enter the required data to access your wallet (press Unlock)

Step 4. Open form “send Ether & Tokens”

Step 5. Enter the address that you generated on the Coinseed site into the “To Address”, add the amount of Gas Limit in the field Amount to Send and click the Generate Transaction

The minimum payment is 0.01 ETH;

Input GAS 300 000 (unused gas will be returned to you), GAS PRICE is set at 24 gwei (minimum).

Step 6. Push the button Send the Transaction

Step 7. Click Yes, I am sure! Make transaction

Step 8. A gr

een banner should appear at the bottom of the screen meaning that the transaction has been successfully sent. Click the Verify Transaction to track the transaction status

Step 9. Open TX Status (the transaction status) which will take you to Etherscan. When status changes to success the transaction has been processed.

Step 10. The transaction is now added to the blockchain ETH. You now have CSD Tokens as we have received your Ether


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