Moral Prostitution - The secret of Ethereum’s success! How much would you sell your motherland?

Probably everyone saw an unshaven guy with glasses always beside Vitalik Buterin, I first thought it was his boyfriend who wanna be looks like Steve Jobs, but everything is much more interesting:
We’ll start from afar, in the early 90s the George Soros Foundation actively helped to break up the Soviet Union, he and his like, recruited talented guys and recruited to they sell their homeland. One of these was the sailor Vladislav Martynov and his friends from MIET technicians, to your attention a small Road Map from their life.

1991 — Vladislav Martynov in Horizon Technology — PWS IDEAS. The company was engaged in the implementation of software in the oil and gas sector.

1992 — Vladislav Martynov comes in PepsiCo as Deputy CFO, worked on integrating SunSystems into PepsiCo.

1993 — Jim Marlatt of PepsiCo opened Arthur Andersen in Russia, it was precisely this Auditor who was making the privatization plan of Svyazinvest OJSC (the blocking stake was owned by Mustcom Ltd George Soros)

1993 — Vladislav Martynov, Dmitry Buterin, Maya Borisova, Vladimir Demin, Murat Altuev, Gennady Meshcheryakov (Gennady Meshcheryakov further fraud Svyaz Bank and then hid abroad) and others. Arthur Andersen also made financial consultations on privatization in other CIS countries

Dmitry Buterin writes about the beginning of his career — “In 1994, I started my career, working briefly at DialogBank”, quite old, forgot about work in Arthur Andersen.

1995 — Mom of Vitalik Buterin, Natalia Ameline is going to work as Finance Manager in Heinz.

1997 — Arthur Andersen — hard times (some fraud) in Waste Management — Ooops! (and in 2001 — Enron, WorldCom, Qwest Communications, Merck, Global Crossing, Baptist Foundation) It looks like this office could gain experience in making fraudulent projects. Then Martynov and accomplices decided to become a representation of Columbus IT.

1997 — Columbus IT Partneship, 49% for accomplices + 200,000 $ by Soros Foundation and EBRD + after them the flow of large companies.

(In an interview Vladislav Martynov says that he did not have money to exist when he moved from Russia, but his accomplice Dmitry Buterin proudly says that in 1999 he was already a millionaire, probably Vlad simply sent all the money to a friend :))

1999 — Buterins move to Canada

2001 — Dmitry Buterin founded BonaSource Inc. — President, Dmitry Buterin — Toronto.

2001 — Vladislav Martynov CEO Navision

2001 — Natalia Amelina goes to work Financial Analyst in Unilever.

2002 — Dmitry Buterin establishes the NNS “BonaSors” in Zelenograd. (Director — Avilov Dmitry Igorevich) founder his brother — Buterin Andrey Yurievich.

2003 — Microsoft buys Navision — Vladislav Martynov is the director of work with Microsoft partners.

2003 — Murat Altuev founded AxxonSoft ITV.

2003 — Natalia Amelina goes to work Pitney Bowes where she works till now.

2005 — Vladislav Martynov President of Columbus IT.

2005 — Dmitry Buterin sells by VDM Holding 49% of the Russian subsidiary Columbus IT to head office Columbus IT.

2006 — Wild Apricot appears at BonaSource Inc by Dmitry Bouteria.

2007 — Vladislav Martynov President of AxxonSoft President (Murat Altuev for some reason since 2003 to the present is president, also comes from MIET) and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Wild Apricot Chairman.

2009 — Vladislav Martynov leaves for SAP CIS

2011 — Vitalik Buterin establishes Bitcoin Magazine

2011 — Vladislav Martynov heads Yota Devices

YotaPhone Martynov promised to make a better than iphone devices even started to dress like Steve Jobs, but to his regret, even this did not impress the Chinese partners.

2013 — Vitalik “Creates” Ethereum

2016 — Vladislav Martynov joined the supervisory board of the Ethereum Foundation project

2016 — Amicus Curiae working on emmigration for NAO BonaSource

2016 — Founded BlockGeeks

2017 — Personify corp (founded 1996) buys the company Wild Apricot.

2017 — Buterina’s mom Natalia Amelina founded Cryptochicks.

2017 — The company registered OOO “PERSONIFY RUS” (founders — ASSOCIATION SOFTVER DEVELOPMENT
PERSONIFAI SOFTVER DEVELOPMENT) General Director: Ivanova Yuliya Mikhailovna (HR manager Wild Apricot).

The investigation continues…

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