Is the ICO market dead? Fakefluencers and promo-investment funds. Returning the trust.

Community intelligence.

When I began to seek support for my rating project, i was supported by hundreds of experts, for which I express my respect and appreciation. This is a great idea in which each expert could monetize his experience and thereby clear the market of fraudulent projects using collective intelligence. But as practice has shown β€” projects that are aimed at fairness are not easy to get initial funding or invested with special conditions where the investor, having leverage, can interpret his version of fairness. Therefore, the best way to do this is to make crowd investment bank, in which the main thing will be the support of the economy in the crypto industry, and not chrimatistics.


Thinking out loud in the direction of the ICO market. Once upon a time there lived a wise man who understood what it means to chase enrichment in relation to the #economy and he said β€” Since #chrematistics is located next to the economy, people take it as the economy itself; but it is not economy. Because chrematistics does not follow nature, but is directed towards exploitation. It works for usury, which for obvious reasons, hates economy, because it derives its profit from the money itself, and not from the things for the distribution of which money was introduced. The money was supposed to facilitate trade of goods and services, but the usury percentage increases the money itself. Therefore, this type of enrichment is the most perverted…. and the name of this wise man is Aristotle.
New #cryptoeconomics need to be built with a solid basement β€” without fees, without dependence on the main coin and with a stable currency based on gold. What we have now is the #Cryptochrematistics :)

Fakefluencers, idols and lobbying. The problem can and should be solved.

As in everyday life, in the crypto industry, the question of manipulating public opinion is very relevant. The scheme is as old as the world and it is called corruption. Let’s see how it works -
1. Find a person with experience to speak fluently about the topic. (Sometimes this item is omitted in cases of creating the image of a bizarre Hollywood genius)
2. Promises financial support (direct funding, grants or other gray schemes) and promotion among the public, and in return he should do everything without any words.
3. The image of a successful person is created.
4. Use of collaboration with other influencers and active promotion in the media, awards financed through the same people who want to manipulate of opinions.
5. Work. Promotion of a company, news, ideas or discredit of competitors.

The awareness of the crypto community grows, thereby losing trust in the influencers and investment funds. And the moment comes when the demand for truth and justice increases. We see this situation now in the market of cryptocurrency investments.

It is useless to fight corruption, instead we need to create an environment in which corruption cannot exist. Always think about #causality!

So that people could not trade their faces, we need to create an environment in which they can not do it. Therefore, when evaluating projects, it is necessary to depersonalize advisers and experts, thereby we -
- We will achieve fair monetization of experience
- Clear the project of barnstormers.
- Beginner experts will be able to realize themselves.

As history shows, even the shoemaker’s son, who does not have big titles and degrees, can create one of the greatest economies in the world. The main thing is the value that you bring in each ICO project. As for our project, I am stubborn :) and we will realize it, thereby establishing order in this chaos.

Thanks again to everyone who supports our project! Victory will be ours!

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