Hello partners, traders and all you crypto geeks!

We appreciate you being a part of the CoinStruction ecosystem and as promised, are continuing to regular updates on the hottest events on our agenda. These will be short and concise, won’t take more than 5 minutes of your time and will be a great way to catch up on what we’re doing.

So without further ado, let’s get down to it, shall we?

CoinStruction obtains two EU operational licenses on the road to regulatory compliance. We are very excited to announce that we recently received official certifications from the Estonian regulator

Good vibes coming from Southeast Asia — CoinStruction has achieved a cooperation agreement with an Asian cryptocurrency exchange and liquidity provider ZG.TOP. Each of the companies will benefit each other and give regional presence and networking opportunities in respective locations.

Both enterprises are making strides with the aim of making the cryptocurrency market a more integrated and welcoming environment to both cryptocurrency veterans and newcomers. Taking advantage of the newly formed friendship both CoinStruction and ZG.TOP will have the chance to offer B2B services and regional presence in Europe and Asia for their clients.

We have been cooking up plans…

Some good wind blew right from the start of 2019. We’re delighted to announce that CoinStruction has signed a new major partnership with the DE Asset Management Fund Ltd.

DE Asset Mgmt is a Canada-based helping promising and upcoming projects to acquire funding and is among the leading ones in terms of crypto assets. It started as a sole proprietorship in 2010 and acted as a hedge fund for a while right until 2013 when DE Asset Mgmt started making Venture Capital investments.

DE Asset Mgmt are early adopters of the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry and has helped to raise…

Our previous pieces examined why exchanges are such an integral part of the cryptocurrency environment. We now turn to a three-part series which will analyze the harmful impact put on investors, traders and unknowing hodlers who keep a significant part of their digital assets on exchanges.

It is hard enough when you lose money trading but it’s a completely different story with ultimately effect on market confidence when you lose your funds via hack or funds loss on the exchange’s side.

We begin today…


In order to keep our followers, supporters, and investors in the loop, we decided to provide regular progress updates on the development. As this piece is going to be the first progress update, we’re structuring it to be a bit more comprehensive and rich in information.

Ready for the extensive read? If you’re interested in the CoinStruction project — it’s a no-brainer.

Basically, we’re moving fast and to multiple directions at the same time. A lot of pressure is being put on the team, but we are also receiving a tremendous amount of positive feedback from our community and advisors…

It is no secret that the cryptocurrency market, especially the ICO market is filled with questionable projects that may present themselves as the next disruptors of their respective industries but actually are just a well-comprised website with a lot of buzzwords and no fundamental technology, business plan or competence to implement it.

Therefore, it requires the dedication of many man-hours in order to research numerous upcoming projects and separate the wheat from the chaff.

Protecting the interests of our users, investors and the community — CoinStruction liquidity ecosystem put an extra emphasis on being associated with only the best and…

The last month was extremely productive for CoinStruction Team, lots of progress has been made.

We have visited 4 events, were pitching, exhibiting and even won some prizes. Now, while having a small break, we want to share with you brief photo reports.

  1. Crypto Economy World 2018 (Barcelona, October 16–18)

At Crypto Economy World we successfully established new partnership with a project rating company Cointelligence. Cointelligence is known worldwide for their anti-scam research activity. Their team is going to assist CoinStruction providing high quality due diligence of the ICO projects wanting to be listed on Exmarkets or CoinSupply exchanges.

Trending Cryptocurrency Hub Articles:

The CoinStruction ecosystem has just expanded in a significant way through a newly signed partnership with Global Traders Team. This partnership opens up doors and is beneficial for both parties involved.

Global Traders Team (GTT) is introducing crypto trading education into their ecosystem and will be offering its clients a leeway into the cryptocurrency industry through CoinStruction’s cryptocurrency exchange ExMarkets.com.

In our previous article we looked at areas in which crypto exchanges are arguably falling short.

Sometimes however, it may be tempting to think that such issues don’t matter, particularly if you are unaware of the historical losses investors have suffered at the hands of exchange negligence or fraud. Or it just hadn’t happened to you. YET…

These mishaps have helped to highlight that exchanges occupy a central and vital role within crypto. As such, it is important to recognize and understand why they are important and how their impact can be felt right across the industry.

1. Exchanges hold considerable amounts of crypto in their balances

A recent report

The explosion of blockchain interest in 2017–2018 has led to crypto exchanges taking up a vital role in the fintech industry. The business of providing shovels for those digging gold proved to be highly rewarding.

Crypto asset price movements are largely driven by exchanges in some manner — be it a token listing or delisting, wash trading, bot manipulation, or, in rare cases, even getting hacked. It’s a rollercoaster ride which can infuse vertigo for any dedicated token holder.

Their influence is inescapable, yet many do not understand the central part exchanges play in all things crypto. …


CoinStruction is a multi-functional system, providing an integrated framework for liquidity aggregation, adjusted order books and fund storage solutions.

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