We’re taking a hiatus from new weekly episodes of CoinTalk. Thanks to all the listeners, Medium and all the sponsors, thanks to the maximalists and the HODLers and the skeptics, and of course all the con men who have made this a wild ride. We’ve loved getting to hang out with you every week.

Episode Notes

  • 🇨🇳 TRON’s Justin Sun cancels on Buffett…

David Z. Morris from Fortune comes on to talk about the weird viewing experience that was the Libra hearings

Show Notes

  • Congress is surprisingly crypto-literate?
  • Yeah… how exactly…

Evan Ratliff talks about his Wired article that suggests Satoshi might have been convicted super-villain Paul Le Roux

Show Notes

Audius is building a decentralized platform for music inspired both by Soundcloud and private torrent trackers.

Show Notes

  • The advantages of decentralizing communities like Soundcloud’s

Did Libra pump Bitcoin? We go inside the bull run to nearly $14,000 and the subsequent 20% freefall.

Show Notes

We talk to Bison TrailsJoe Lallouz about being one of the 27 launch partner’s for Facebook’s Libra project.


Coinbase’s Brian Armstrong writes an open letter to a friend who asked to borrow money, Facebook prepares to drop the GLOBALCOIN whitepaper

Episode Notes

  • Brian Armstrong’s open to letter for a…

Coin Talk

The official podcast of Bitcoin crashes. Hosted by @aaronlammer and @jaycaspiankang. Mailbag/contact: hi@cointalk.show

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