Cointify Q3 2019 Update

Jul 23, 2019 · 3 min read
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Cointify has the aim of accelerating the widespread acceptance of cryptocurrency. With our constant hard work and support from our investors, we are marching one step closer towards the aim.

As planned from our work plan projection for the year, Cointify has successfully launched it’s exchange platform during 31st March 2018. After launching the Beta version, Cointify Exchange Platform has successfully developed a stable and secure trading platform. Cointify Exchange supports crypto to fiat pairs: BTC/USD, BTC/CNY, BTC/MYR, ETH/USD, ETH/CNY, ETH/MYR

Visit Cointify Exchange:

Release of CTF Tokens

Since the launch of Cointify Exchange, the overall cryptocurrency market became sluggish. The growth was slow and we have been closely monitoring the industry. In order to preserve the value of CTF during that time, we had decided to put the plan of releasing CTF tokens on hold until the market is bullish. In recent months, the market is getting traction as Bitcoin (BTC) has once again broke the 10,000 USD mark. The price of Ethereum (ETH), which powers the ERC-20 smart contract which CTF is running on, has also shown inclination.

It is thus in accordance to our plan to release CTF tokens to Cointify investors. However, due to the complexity nature of cryptocurrency and the market in general, extensive study and monitoring is required before we proceed. Rest assured, we shall take the necessary steps to ensure investors reap the benefits of holding CTF tokens.

Crypto Listing at other exchanges

After the release of CTF, it will be listed on Cointify Exchange to be traded. CTF holders can choose to hold CTF in their wallet as the price fluctuates or trade CTF on Cointify Exchange. Naturally after CTF has matured, we will proceed to list CTF on other major exchanges. Listing CTF on other major exchanges will increase the exposure and liquidity of CTF, as CTF becomes more widespread and more easily available.

Developing Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Exchange Platform

As Cointify Exchange has matured, more cryptocurrency listing and trading features will be added and supported. To provide traders with more control and flexibility, it is also in our plan to develop Cointify P2P Exchange Platform. P2P exchange allows cryptocurrency buyers and sellers to make transactions between each other. Unlike a centralised exchange where the orders are aggregated and matched automatically, P2P exchange allows a seller to post advertisements on the platform. Buyers who come across the advertisement can then buy the cryptocurrency directly from the seller, with Cointify P2P exchange acting as the escrow and ensuring that the seller has received the payment before releasing the cryptocurrency to the buyer and vice versa.

Developing P2P Exchange platform is also part of our major plan of increasing CTF market capitalisation. Market capitalisation is defined by the CTF value multiplied by the total supply of CTF. As the total supply of CTF is capped at 20,000,000, the market capitalisation can be increased through the value of CTF. Much like the stock of a company, the value of CTF can fluctuate around several factors, mainly the demand for CTF. As CTF is the underlying asset that powers the entire Cointify ecosystem, a good prospect will affect the demand and thus the value of CTF directly. With more trading volume on Cointify Exchange and the incoming P2P Exchange, we are confident that the value of CTF has the potential to grow exponentially.

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