Get to know Cointify in 3 minutes

Jun 5, 2018 · 3 min read
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Today, Bitcoin and other digital currencies are blooming due to their great prospects. But before Bitcoin could revolutionise the industry, it will first need to gain widespread acceptance from the public

and Cointify is here to accelerate the widespread acceptance of digital currencies. So how do we do it?

Started in December 2017, Cointify is an ecosystem made up of 4 projects:

• Cointify Exchange
• Cointify Mining Farm
• Cointify Infrastructure
• Cointify ICO

The first step towards our goal is to educate the public about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. This is where people could get the first taste of Bitcoin, through Cointify Exchange. To put simply, Cointify Exchange is a marketplace where people could buy and sell Bitcoin and Ethereum. It’s a secured and user friendly platform for traders to trade their cryptocurrencies. But what if one has no experience and want to learn more about cryptocurrencies? Well, Cointify Exchange has also hosted a Starter Guide and tutorial videos to help the public kickstart on their journey.

We are glad to announce that Cointify Exchange beta has been launched since May 2018. Head over to to start your first trade.

The next project towards our goal is to establish Cointify mining farm. As Cointify grows, supply shortage will be an issue. With our own state of the art mining farm, Cointify could ensure that supply shortage issue will be eliminated. This could ensure that cryptocurrencies can be easily acquired and traded on Cointify Exchange. Mining would also allow us to contribute to the mining pool and thus strengthen the cryptocurrencies’ network.

Then, the third project, Cointify Infrastructure. This is probably the most challenging yet exciting project in Cointify ecosystem. Through Cointify Infrastructure, the public could see how digital currencies are slowly integrating into their everyday life. Here are some of the things we are going to do. Cryptocurrency loan, where Bitcoin could be mortgaged in return for fiat money. Bitcoin ATMs, where cryptocurrencies could be made more accessible through Bitcoin ATMs scattered around the cities. Fund management services for cryptocurrencies, where clients could better manage and invest their digital currencies through programme like Fixed deposit, Mutual Fund and other services available for their bank notes.

Sounds exciting? Well you could be a part of Cointify too. Cointify ICO is our fundraising project in which everyone could invest and join Cointify in action. Cointify ICO comes in 4 stages, where fund raised from each stages will be invested directly into our projects.

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As of today, we had concluded our Stage 1 ICO and launched Cointify Exchange successfully. We are currently in our Stage 2 ICO, where the funds will be used for expansion of Cointify Exchange’s market capitalisation and for building Cointify mining farm.

So what do our investors get in return for joining our ICO? Much like IPO, where investors get a stake in the company by purchasing its stocks, investors get a stake in Cointify by purchasing CTF tokens. Each month, 30% of Cointify’s profit will be distributed as dividends among all CTF holders based on the amount of CTF tokens owned. Once all 4 stages of ICO have been concluded, CTF will be released as CTF Coin. CTF Coin, just like Bitcoin could then be traded on Cointify Exchange. The price for CTF would then be increased in which investors could choose to sell off for immediate profits or hold for long term investment.

Psst, one Bitcoin price held the highest record of more than $19,000 starting from virtually nothing.

So, join us to accelerate the widespread acceptance of digital currencies. Kindly logon to to learn more Cointify ICO.

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