Cointorox 2.1

Cointorox is a comprehensive ecosystem which consists of various innovative and smart platforms dedicated for cryptocurrency users. Our ultimate goal is to contribute towards the industry as a smart solutions provider leveraging latest trends within the industry as well as the technologies supporting it.

We are focused on developing solutions which will replace custodial processes and platforms, ultimately bringing true financial democracy and power back to the people.

Our mission is to contribute towards the industry’s processes of mass adoption and decentralisation with the help of our innovative and smart platforms.
Cointorox Ecosystem Updates

Cointorox Ecosystem

1. Exclusive Trading Signals Powered by AI & Deep Machine-learning Models

Trading Signals Powered by AI

Our primary platform provides an exclusive service which will signal cryptocurrency traders to long or short on major trading markets such as “BTC-USD”. The full list of trading pairs will be expanded as the platform matures. This service will be an exclusive members-only service provided towards Cointorox community members. Signals are powered by an artificial intelligence (AI) & deep machine-learning protocol consisting of 23 different agents. Over time, the prediction accuracy will increase as it learns and aggregates market data. Therefore, this service will stay in its BETA phase up until early 2020.

Signals (long/short) by the 23 individual agents are sent via Telegram on a 4-hr basis + one final call on a daily basis.

Stacking Models
1. Deep Feed-forward Auto-Encoder Neural Network to reduce dimension + Deep Recurrent Neural Network + ARIMA + Extreme Boosting Gradient Regressor
2. Adaboost + Bagging + Extra Trees + Gradient Boosting + Random Forest + XGB

Details regarding the Deep Learning Models and the 23 Agents used to analyse the market is introduced here:

2. Decentralized Cryptocurrency Wallet Supporting Atomic Swaps ( is a browser based cryptocurrency wallet with a protocol allowing cross-chain swap of cryptocurrencies without the need for an intermediary party. Implementation is done with JS & the use of IPFS.

It currently supports p2p swaps for Bitcoin-Ethereum and Bitcoin-ERC20 Tokens.
  • DECENTRALISED WALLET: Completely Decentralised Cryptocurrency Wallet. No intermediary parties involved. Your coins, Your keys.
  • BROWSER-BASED: No more software downloads or installs. Use the browser or the chrome extension to power your wallet.
  • ATOMIC SWAPS: Connecting multiple blockchains & enabling users to exchange coins directly with other connected peers.
  • IPFS POWERED: Orders are recorded and activated directly on the IPFS. Orders are activated & deactivated as you turn your browser on/off.
  • IMPORT/EXPORT: Import or Export your wallets as you wish. Enjoy complete control over your funds. No restrictions, no fees.
  • OPEN SOURCE: 100% open sourced project for improved transparency & further developments by Blockchain & Crypto geeks.

This decentralised wallet allows users to import and export their wallets and gain 100% control over their funds through private keys. No information is ever stored on the server and everything will be generated on the client’s end. Additionally, unlike many other Atomic Swap supported wallets, AWS does not require a user to download or install a software. Everything is powered through the browser. As long as you have your private keys with you, you can access your wallet(s) anywhere around the world.

The wallet functions just like any other decentralised wallets but it does contain an innovative technology which brings features beyond a regular cryptocurrency wallet. This technology is known as the Atomic Swap — a peer-to-peer exchange of cryptocurrencies from one party to another, without going through a third party service like a crypto exchange. During this entire process, the users have full control and ownership of their private keys.

3. Marketplace for Cryptocurrency Users (

WeShopwithCrypto (WSWC) is a newly launched marketplace which allows users to buy and sell products and services with cryptocurrencies. Over 25+ cryptocurrencies are accepted as a form of payment, including Cointorox Token (OROX).

There are about 80+ categories and sub-categories (combined) on the shop and some of them are: Automobiles, Body & Soul, Clothing, Electronics, Digital Goods, Digital Services… and the list goes on.

You can register as a vendor and set up your shop in less than 5 minutes with the step-by-step registration process prompting you to fill out only the necessary details to have your online store up & running without any problems. Comprehensive guide articles for vendors are available within the Store Manager dashboard.

Here’s how OROX is used on the WSWC marketplace:

  • Form of payment to purchase products
  • Form of payout for vendors
  • Used as listing fees to list new coins as a form of payment on the marketplace
  • Used to upgrade vendor (seller) product & upload limits
  • Used to purchase ‘FEATURED’ product spaces
  • Used to purchase advertisements on the marketplace

4. Prediction Market Powered by Hydro Protocol & Augur

We are going to utilize the Hydro Protocol and Augur project’s SDKs to build a prediction market whereby users can bet on ‘Yes or No’ or choose from various options upon a prediction market subject/topic.

For example, the image below shows the prediction market for ‘Will an Asian Team win the International DOTA2 Championships in 2019?

Users will be able to cast their votes by purchasing ‘Short (NO)’ and ‘Long (YES)’ on the subject matter with their Ethereum (ETH). Users who hold shares of the winning outcomes are paid out from the market contract when the market is resolved.

How can the prediction market be used? (Source:

  • Political Forecasting: Turn political knowledge into predictive power by trading on the outcome of upcoming elections, potential policy decisions, and other political events.
  • Event Hedging: Hedge against catastrophic events like natural disasters, market crashes, and geopolitical upheaval by trading that the event will occur.
  • Weather Prediction: Harness the power of crowds to create a more accurate weather prediction tool for events like hurricane landfalls, heat waves, and daily temperature averages.
  • Cryptocurrency Speculation: Short a cryptocurrency or predict the next bullrun. With user created markets, you can have exposure to all sorts of cryptocurrencies and assets.

5. Blockchain Games

Games built on the Ethereum Blockchain, fuelled by Cointorox Token (OROX) for users to earn and spend their OROX savings. (Development in progress — check roadmap)

6. Airdrop Central

Cointorox Airdrop Central features a simple one-page directory where users can submit or join airdrop campaigns for free. Project developers can maximize campaign promotional efforts by using the paid services. There’s a separate Twitter account for the airdrop central and you can follow the account HERE. You will get updates on the latest airdrop campaigns submitted on the airdrop central. Telegram Channel is also available HERE.

7. Merchant Payment Service Partnerships

Did you know that merchants from all around the world are now able to receive payments in OROX? There’s a SWFT Pay feature available within the SWFT mobile application and this allows users to receive and send payments in multiple coins, including Cointorox Token (OROX).

Cointorox Token (OROX) can also be accepted on millions of wordpress based e-commerce websites around the world via MyCryptoCheckout.

According to, “WordPress is responsible for an additional 1.1 million domains every 6 months or so. Users love the convenience and nearly effortless way how to establish an online presence”.

With 131 million unique visitors per month, WordPress is more visited than Twitter, which gets “only” around 114 million unique visitors per month”.

As above statistics show, WordPress is an extremely popular content management service/platform which is loved by millions of people all over the globe. MyCryptoCheckout plugin supports over 94+ coins including OROX.

As such, we are currently searching for vendors all around the world to partner up with us. There are attractive early integration bonuses involved. If you have a physical or online store which can accept OROX as a form of payment, do let us know and we will provide our attractive offers regarding price stabilisation and buy-back guarantee schemes.

Cointorox Token (OROX)

Cointorox Token (OROX) is an ERC20 standard token deployed on the Ethereum Blockchain. It can be stored, sent, and received via any ERC20 compatible Ethereum wallets such as MetaMask or Trust.

Token Contract Address: 0x1c5b760f133220855340003b43cc9113ec494823 Decimals: 18 Recommended Wallets: (Mobile) Trust Wallet, (Desktop) MetaMask Blockchain Explorer: EtherScan & EthPlorer

How OROX is Used to Fuel The Ecosystem

OROX is a utility token which has primarily been airdropped to community members to fuel the ecosystem. There are three stages involved.

Awareness Stage: Public sale, airdrop, bounty to create awareness — includes OROX weekly hodler rewards ( We are currently in this stage.

Utility Stage: Implementing use cases for OROX as platforms roll out subscription and upgrade requirements via OROX. Continuously burning tokens earned as revenues resulting in a continuously decreasing total supply.

Scarcity Stage: We firmly believe that as the ecosystem matures and expands, the naturally increased demands over continuously decreased total supply would lead to an ultimate scarcity. Liquidation of team tokens will occur at this stage to temporarily increase the circulating supply, whilst further securing development funds

More information such as the updated roadmap will be published on the revised whitepaper (to be published soon).