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Airdrop Central as part of the Cointorox ecosystem…

The Airdrop Central page can be accessed here:

The Airdrop Central will feature various airdrop campaigns sponsored and hosted by various different projects. Cointorox community members will be able to claim free tokens by participating in these airdrop campaigns.

What’s the catch?

All airdrop campaigns submitted on the Airdrop Central are manually checked and reviewed by the Cointorox team to determine the project/token’s utility and value. We reject any projects that (i) does not comply with basic jurisdictions revolving around cryptocurrencies (ii) may unfairly nominate winners or have unclear rules and restrictions (iii) does not carry sufficient value in its products or services offered.

What does all these mean? We have done all the hard work of selecting and filtering the best airdrop campaigns. All you need to do is to participate and enjoy receiving free tokens!

Project developers can host their airdrop campaigns on the airdrop central page for FREE or via a PAID LISTING. More information can be found on:

In the future, once the token sale for OROX ends, developers will be required to pay in OROX to list their airdrop campaigns on the page. OROX tokens earned as such will be burned (destroyed), further decreasing the total supply of OROX tokens.

Questions? Feel free to email us at