[GUIDE] MyCryptoCheckout, a WordPress Payment Processing Plugin Supporting OROX

Mar 22 · 5 min read


WordPress powers 26% of the whole World Wide Web and it has a 59.4% market dominance within the CMS industry. Source: Wordpress.com & W3techs

1.1 million new WordPress based domains are registered every 6 months. Source: Web Survey

Wordpress is more visited than Twitter. Source: Automaticc


MyCryptoCheckout.com Plugin
MyCryptoCheckout & Cointorox
MyCryptoCheckout — Checkout Feature
Features of MyCryptoCheckout
Markup amounts — MyCryptoCheckout
WooCommerce Settings for MyCryptoCheckout
MyCryptoCheckout Feature
Protect Your Information & Privacy with MyCryptoCheckout

It’s More Than a Payment Processing Plugin

MyCryptoCheckout Donations
MyCryptoCheckout Supports Cryptocurrency Donations

Why Accept Cryptocurrency Payments with MyCryptoCheckout?

Fees Comparison
Popular WordPress Cryptocurrency Payment Plugins Comparison Chart
Popular WordPress Cryptocurrency Payment Plugins Comparison Chart

What does all these have to do with COINTOROX?


What’s Next?

Have Questions or Ideas?

Cointorox is a digital piggy-bank allowing users to save money and have them automatically converted into top-tier coins. Users can withdraw coins or fiat currencies and powerful features such as the ‘insurance’ feature allow users to enjoy the volatile cryptocurrency market without having to worry about losing any of their savings. https://cointorox.com/


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