How are user funds protected/secured?

Cointorox Security

Cointorox has implemented industry-standard security features to better protect and store your data, including your funds.

It must be noted that any funds you convert, send, and receive via your account are reflected as mere data on the platform. These data represent your funds and no actual money or coins are stored on the server. All coins are safely stored in hot (30%) and cold (70%) wallets.

Hot wallets are funds ready for immediate withdrawals. All withdrawals do go under manual check by the withdrawal team (on standby 24/7). Withdrawal requests with amounts lower than those available in our hot wallets will be withdrawn almost instantly.

However, if your withdrawal funds are large and it requires more funds from our cold (offline) wallets, our withdrawal team will manually check and send funds to you within a few hours. All withdrawals are manually checked and approved by our withdrawals team who are on 24/7 standby.

All data will be encrypted and stored in multiple different servers with 3 different live data back-up systems. Additionally, when a user purchases a savings package & savings get converted into coins, the user also receives coin addresses to allow them to publicly track their funds on each respective coin’s blockchain explorer.

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