CNUS on CoinMarketCap

CoinMarketCap(CMC) is a useful website that comprehensively tracks cryptocurrency market capitalizations, providing up-to-date data and rankings on all digital currencies traded in at least one public exchange.

The header shows the overall data of all the cryptocurrencies listed on CMC such as the number of different cryptocurrencies listed on CMC, the total market cap of the entire cryptocurrency market, and the BTC dominance (% of total market cap occupied by bitcoin).

The ranking of cryptocurrencies is determined by their market capitalization (current price of coin multiplied by circulating supply). Next to the market cap, you can see the price (average market price across exchanges), volume (amount of coins traded within the past 24 hours), and circulating supply (total number of coins in the market).

CoinUs page on CoinMarketCap

When you click or search for CoinUs, you will get a page that looks like the one above. The page shows the current data for CNUS, where the price is displayed on the top right and price change percentage colored in green. On the right are useful links about CoinUs:

  • Website: CoinUs official website (
  • Explorer: CoinUs in Etherscan
  • Explorer 2: CoinUs in Ethplorer
  • Message Board: CoinUs on Medium
  • Chat: Telegram (Eng)
  • Chat 2: KakaoTalk (Kor)
  • Source Code: Coinus on GitHub
  • Technical Documentation: CoinUs Bizplan

By clicking on the Markets tab, you can see what exchanges CNUS is traded on. Currently, CoinUs is listed on Allbit and DigiFinex.

Where CNUS is being traded on

For a cryptocurrency to be listed on CMC, it must meet certain criterion. For example, a cryptocurrency must be traded publicly and actively traded on at least two exchanges supported on CMC in order to be qualified.

CMC can be a great tool to follow movements of all the major and minor cryptocurrencies and helpful when making predictions for investments.

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