1 min readDec 30, 2023


COINWARS predates the meme, but the meme gave it wings.

Born from the community that gave life to BrianArmstrongTrumpYellenGTA6 we are proud to present COINWARS! In honor of the strong meme community $COIN holders will be the major beneficiaries of the future airdrop of REDACTED that will take place prior to main launch. Surprise bonus snapshots will be taken over the course of our launch journey.

There will be a staking game launching in January where participants can receive points that accumulate on your dashboard at There will be multiple explosive earning phases within the staking game that will ultimately win REDACTED.

We start off with Phase 1 of HIGH STAKES which is a nod to the $Portal launch where you can farm airdrop points for a limited time by simply creating viral content on X (Twitter.) All airdrop points will be added to your dashboard and will continue to accrue throughout the other phases that will launch immediately following Phase 1.

Following the conclusion of all staking game phases the main platform will launch! Stay tuned for Phase 2 and welcome to…