What is CoinWeb3?

CoinWeb3 is a community project to support Web3 movement.

$COINWEB3 is the official token of our community.

We hope in the near future it will be accepted as one of the payment currencies in the metaverse.

Who runs CoinWeb3?

Everyone join hands together to create CoinWeb3 community.

Is CoinWeb3 a business?

CoinWeb3 is not a business. We are a community. If you need business or license information, please note that we are not a business and we do not have a legal entity nor an address.

Where can I purchase $COINWEB3?

You can buy $COINWEB3 on decentralized exchanges like Sushiswap.

We do not provide wallet services, please contact service providers for support.

CONTRACT — 0x6cfb6ca498899f7ddd3e475342c7c01ae69fdd84

PAIR SUSHI — 0x62BAdAA70a520cafCe2A70f7C436102E01E9A6DA



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Coin Web3

Coin Web3

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CoinWeb3 is a community project to promote the web3 movement, in the hope that $COINWEB3 will become a payment currency in the metaverse world.