Coinwink tips & tricks

Coinwink is a cryptocurrency price alerts app. This is a list of some useful ways how Coinwink can be used. This list will be updated constantly, as soon as there will be some new things to add.

Use Coinwink for a specific coin

You can use (and bookmark) a custom url address to pre-select your coin, e.g. (put a coin symbol after the slash).

Coinwink on mobile

You can place Coinwink app icon (shortcut) on your mobile (Android, iOS) device desktop. To do this, open in your mobile browser, click settings and then Add to Home Screen. For more details, see this article.

Account is not necessary

To create email alert you do not need an account or to click on a confirmation link. Your alert will be created instantly. You will receive a unique ID to your email. You can use this ID to manage your alerts.

Account is necessary only if you want to use SMS alerts. With the account you can also use email alerts, similar as before.

It is recommended to create an account because with the account it is more comfortable to use email alerts, and it is possible to use additional features, such as Portfolio.


When using Coinwink without the account, with the last deleted alert, your unique ID and email associated with it will also be deleted from the database. After this, when you create a new alert, you will receive a new ID.

If you are using Coinwink with the account, when you delete your account, all data related yo your account will also be deleted.

SMS phone number format

For SMS alerts, please enter your phone number in E.164 international format. The number should start with the plus sign, e.g. +14155552671
You can find more info here.

SMS settings configuration

Coinwink is not charging anything for SMS service, but you need to provide your own SMS API details. To get these, you need to sign up for Nexmo service. The sign up is free and they provide 2$ SMS credit.

Additional details how to setup SMS alerts is provided in this step-by-step guide.

Coinwink use cases from personal exprience

When I am at my home country, I prefer SMS alerts. Even though I have 4G internet all the time, I still find SMS alerts more quick (because they don’t require to sync) and they do not require to have an additional application.

When I’m traveling and using a local sim card for 4G internet, then I prefer to use email alerts. I have a separate mailbox at Protonmail. It does not receive any spam because I do not use it anywhere else, except for Coinwink alerts. I turn on Protonmail app‘s synchronization and when I receive a new email notification, I instantly know that this is an alert from Coinwink.

If you have found some additional tips & tricks or interesting use cases for Coinwink, leave a comment here or send me an email.