[Afternoon with Lee Jeong-hoon, a model of WANPANGO]

Lee Jeong-hoon, an actor in the advertisement of WANPANGO, visits the office of WANPANGO!

2018. Aug.27

Good morning!

At the end of the summer when we had been hectic in the midst of a terrible heat and scary typhoon, a very pleasant guest visited the office of WANPANGO.

He is a model and actor Lee Jung-hoon who has the friendliness and warmth of a middle-aged man living next door, and when he came into the office, we saw him for the first time but he was not strange at all because of his photographs hanging around the office.

The afternoon when the rain turned our moods down and made us exhausted changed to a pleasant afternoon for us to build up a new memory while having a friendly talk and taking pictures with the actor Lee Jung-hoon.

We hope that he will often visit our office when he gets a chance.

We are Wanpango Coin Team!!

The Wanpango Coin will be with you from the beginning to the end of ICO through more active SNS community updates and activities from now on to respond to your full confidence and long wait for us.

Thank you.

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