Coinvest and Coinvest Plus are Live!


The products we are releasing today are the foundational cornerstone of many different value-added financial products and services that Coinvest will provide for consumers in future.

We are excited to announce the public launch and availability of Coinvest and Coinvest Plus

Coinvest is a digital assets wallet with a built-in investment trading market for cryptocurrencies. With Coinvest, you can trade many different assets or create a personal index fund using just one COIN. Your invested funds are held safely in custody of a smart contract with no trading pair required.

Coinvest Plus is a secure exchange for digital assets that enables traders the ability to exchange a variety of digital assets with other traders on a secure, compliant platform.

At present, both platforms enable the trade or exchange of COIN, BTC, ETH, LTC, BAT, GUSD, with more assets to be added soon. Unlike other exchanges where fees are a expensive and confusing percentage of the order amount, all trades on Coinvest and Coinvest Plus are a flat rate of $4.99. To learn more about our maiden token offering, please check our announcement here. We have also prepared a series of instruction videos here to help get you familiarized with both platforms.

In the coming months, we plan on adding more features, tokens, and updates. Among the top of the list is the ability to copy-trade other users’ indices, advanced order limit types, and Coinvest Vault integration. We are as equally excited as you are to continue building on our momentum with extra value added services.

Coinvest has been known for adhering to a no-nonsense culture of #BUIDL with no hype marketing. Since inception, our company has been heads down in building an entire portfolio of products and services to empower consumers to easily invest, store, and use digital assets. In an industry that lacks progress and traction, Coinvest has launched three revenue-generating products, with a budget of two million dollars, in less than one year’s time. At a time when consumer confidence, trust, and the overall market has declined in the blockchain industry, we have continued to focus on engineering solutions for the future.

We are grateful to everyone including our community, investors, partners, advisors, and entire Coinvest team, who have been alongside us through our journey in reaching these milestones. Reaching MainNet has been a challenge. Deploying three products in one year, has been an even greater challenge. Creating utility and mass adoption will be our next…

As always, thank you for your continued support. Happy trading from the team at Coinvest!

For more information, please visit our website. Join our Telegram or Discord to join our community conversations or say hi to us at any of the channels below:


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