Coinvest Announces New Products to Complete Its End-to-End Investment Solutions for the Blockchain Industry

May 30, 2018 · 5 min read

Coinvest adds to its product portfolio to accomplish the company’s mission of democratizing cryptocurrencies and bringing them to the masses.

DALLAS, TX — Coinvest, an emerging blockchain startup comprised of Microsoft alumni, is announcing an expanded portfolio of revenue-generating products. The company’s 2018–2019 roadmap is supportive of their mission to democratize and lower the barriers to investing in cryptocurrencies by providing simple, accessible solutions to all audiences.

Connecting the dots, Coinvest presents new product solutions to support investors of all levels in seeing investments through from start to finish — from research to trade execution, asset management and liquidity.

A full portfolio of products for all audience during all stages of the investment lifecycle.



Coinvest has launched CoinDNA (Data, News, and Analytics) — an educational website that aids users in research, the first step of their investment journey, providing insights to help navigate investment decisions, including market data for individual tokens, a daily market report, and custom frequently-asked analytics.

CoinDNA is available now, is free to use, and fully supported on mobile devices.


Coinvest Platform

Coinvest is a fully decentralized investment trading platform that leverages smart contracts and blockchain technology to empower users to invest in hundreds of cryptonized assets using only one COIN. Coinvest caters toward the average consumer and eliminates the need for managing multiple wallets, private keys, and token protocols.

Coinvest Plus

Coinvest Plus is an exchange with an advanced order book matching system that pairs trades together, catering to sophisticated traders or institutional investors who require additional tools and features to perform analysis and execute trades at higher frequency. Unlike exchanges that require a percentage-based fee for every trade, both products will offer an affordable and predictable flat rate of only $4.99 per trade.

The Coinvest platform and Coinvest Plus exchange interact together to support features such as native wallet exchange support, reserve collateralization, and more.

Both will be available for private beta testing in June. User-Interface demos for both platforms are available now:

Asset Management

Coinvest offers three asset management options to meet the needs of any level of investor:

Coinvest Platform Wallet

The Coinvest platform has an intuitive integrated wallet that will safely store your cryptonized assets, enabling the storage of multiple coins such as Bitcoin, ERC-20 compatible tokens, and more. Coinvest also provides a seamless exchange between assets from your wallet (similar to ShapeShift), facilitated directly with the Coinvest Plus exchange at the flat fee of $4.99.

Coinvest Vault

For the best balance of security and liquidity, Coinvest has partnered with Cardinal Peak to introduce its premium hardware wallet offering featuring:

Coinvest Vault seamlessly works with all Coinvest products to provide an integrated user-experience that is intuitive, while providing cold storage and best-in-class security.

For details including additional security features, please visit the Coinvest Vault website here. Coinvest Vault will be available in Q1 2019.

Coinvest Safe

Coinvest presents Coinvest Safe — a software wallet that offers all of the Coinvest wallet features, with an interactive, child-friendly user experience, and without the integrated trading platform.

The Coinvest Safe wallet will help introduce children to the world of blockchain while encouraging responsibility. Parents can now send allowance and savings while helping teach core financial and technology concepts critical for the future.

Coinvest Safe will be available for private beta in Q3 of 2018.


Coinvest has developed two solutions help investors painlessly spend their cryptonized assets:

Coinvest Commerce

Coinvest Commerce is an API that merchants can easily integrate into their website to accept payments in COIN — enabling cryptocurrency to be used as an immediate source of funding for e-commerce transactions.

Coinvest Debit

Coinvest Debit will enable users to spend their cryptonized assets directly from their Coinvest wallet or physical Coinvest debit card.

Coinvest Debit will leverage exchange services directly from the Coinvest Plus exchange to convert cryptonized assets to fiat, and global merchants will be able to seamlessly accept payments without knowing the transaction originated from cryptocurrency.

Both products will be released in 2019.

We hope that this announcement reinforces our commitment to our overall vision. Additionally, creates value for our community and token-holders through revenue generating products and a sound, sustainable business model. As always, we appreciate everyone’s support and look forward to the journey together.

About Coinvest

Coinvest is a blockchain technology company focused on developing solutions to democratize cryptocurrencies and bring them to the masses. The company’s mission is to create decentralized tools for the world to seamlessly and securely invest and use cryptocurrencies. Coinvest is lead by a team of Microsoft alumni and prominent advisors Tony Scott, former CIO of the US Government, VMWare, and Microsoft as well as Pete Cashmore, founder of Mashable. Coinvest is one of the few blockchain companies in the world registered with the United States SEC and FinCEN. For more information about Coinvest, please visit:

For more information, please visit our website. Should you have any questions, please reach out to us on our Discord.

Join our Discord to join our community conversations or say hi to us at any of the channels below:


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