Coinvest Community Support Announcement


In rethinking the Coinvest culture of simplicity and ease, and in order to better serve our community, clients, and customers, the company will be restructuring our support efforts.

With the launch of our products, there will individuals who will see a chance to take advantage of other community members with assorted scam and various Modus Operandi. As we have seen in the past, there have been cases of people masquerading as Coinvest team members. As such, it is more secure to provide information directly from our support team through our official Coinvest support channels.

The support team will be exclusively handling support from now on as they are the people who are trained and are best placed to handle issues and concerns that might arise. We will also be removing the current webchat and will be launching an automated support chatbot in order to efficiently direct issues and concerns to its appropriate department.

The new structure is designed to provide a better experience for every member needing help. The best place to seek the first level of support is at our Zendesk Help Center. We have built up a large database of information that can help with first level issues and general information.

To assert focus for our team members and community members, as well as to save on corporate payroll expenditures, we will be moving away from offering community support through our public channels. Current community channels Discord and Telegram will become unmonitored and community driven. As suggested by the community, there will be a separate Telegram Channel here which will be an announcement only channel, for use by Coinvest to disseminate information relevant to the community. This will be the same for other social channels such as Reddit and Bitcointalk which will be maintained as an announcement channel. Facebook and Twitter will be maintained as an avenue to directly engage with the community.

This new direction and strategy is consistent in delivery from many businesses and corporations today. We believe that this shift in strategy will offer the best focus, balance, and customer experience for both our team and overall community.

As always, we value your support and appreciation. Thank you.

For more information, please visit our website. Join our Telegram or Discord to join our community conversations or say hi to us at any of the channels below:


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