Performance Upgrade was scheduled to promote system performance and stability on Sept 18 22:00(GMT+8) — Sept 19 01:30(GMT+8). Your access will resume once completion.

Close of OMG, PPT and REP Deposit

Coinyee was scheduled to close the service of OMG, PPT and REP deposit on Sept 20 22:00(GMT+8), 2018.


Coinyee Partners with Ecoin and Bixiaobai to launch Bonus Month event recently joined hands with Ecoin community and Bixiaobai to airdrop 2million ECO (public-blockchain-based) from Sept 20 — Oct 7, 2018, Singapore time.

Guess event on Tlegram was to release the novice-friendly airdrop from Sept 20. By simply clicking the corresponding button to guess the result of specific things/events, you will be available for the giveaway! EVERYDAY AT 10:00(SGT) and 15:00(SGT).

Daily dividends for CT-hodlers

On, CT(Coinyee Token) hodlers’ bonus of daily dividends retains: Daily dividends amount = Transaction fees Coinyee collected from all crypto trade * 50% * (Personal daily CT-holding / Total CT circulation amount of that day). You are able to secure different cryptocurrencies — only judged by types of token/coin transaction fees charged. Snapshot will take at 24:00(SGT) everyday. Users’ dividends will be dispatched at 02:00(GMT+8) the next day proportionally.

PROJECTS (Symbol: TRIP) is a travel service platform powered by blokchain’s token economy model. It was one of the first arrivals from blockchain industry to head into the public consumption fields. refreshed its reward rules and took it in effect on Sept 18 15:00(SGT). It is open to the public on (Symbol: TRIP) was formally listed on Coinyee Exchange( on Feb 18 17:00(SGT) and the related trading pairs of TRIP/CNY, TRIP/BTC, TRIP/USDT were available for trade on Feb 19 20:00(SGT).

NewLife (Symbol: NLF)

New Life serves as an organic blending of token economy and e-commerce. By re-defining the relations of productions in the latter, New Life benefits more people from the brand-new commercial society rebuilt by blockchain.

New Life APP was updated on Sept 18 17:00(SGT) and the latest version and announcement can be checked on

New Life (Symbol: NLF) was listed on Coinyee Exchange post to on Mar 15 20:00(SGT) and TRIP/CNY, TRIP/BTC, TRIP/USDT were eligible from Mar 26 15:00(SGT).





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