Pokémon GO! — Version 2.0 Concept
Albert Choi

Honestly I felt like this is the kind of game Pokémon Go should’ve beenand should be. While reading through the new stuff and improvements I was also trying to find a way the users could cheat (because that’s what all the filthy spoofers will end up doing anyways), but couldn’t find one.

I’m level 32 at the moment and I’ve lost most of my interest in the game. Currently I’m trying to complete a live Pokédex in my bag, because everything else has already been fulfilled.

But this. THIS is what can keep any trainer playing for the long run. This right here is what every — single - trainer was hoping for when Pokémon Go was announced.

Thank you for this amazing concept and I’ll keep this in my prayers for Niantic to see it. Or even better, hire you lol.

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