A very short love story

A love story means u remember every details of the conversation that you had with him/ her.
A love story is always unfair, because that was not a balanced relationship.
A love story made ur everyday awful which you don’t even dare to admit you love him/ her, not even mention to tell him/her.
A love story is about waiting, you have been waiting so long every time for a moment together, but you feel so great, because it just feels like you have known him/her for years.
A love story is about regrets, cause you don’t usually take pics together, you don’t want to waste any second that you were with him/her, you lived in this old fashion way of searching the images of him/ her in ur mind every time when you try to think of him/her.
A love story is about blocking every way to get closer to him/ her, but you still don’t have the heart to delete the messages on the phone, because that is all you have.
A love story is the repeat of the mistakes that you made at your 17s. Cause you want to save the best corner of your heart for him/ her.
A love story is still about waiting, wait to become strangers, and then you dream maybe you and him/her will start over again serval years later in a different city with a warmer winter.
A love story is about smiling, smile when you hear the plan he/she made without you as a part for the future, and you skipped the subject…
A love story always happen in Boston, a city of young dreamers, come and go.

He asked me why you choose to travel to L.A., I said that was an instinctive choice, then I was thinking why you even asked why?

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