What is a “Wawu”

Image Credit: www.unsplash.com — Oshomah Abubakar

Wawu is wonder, amaze, shock, disbelief, astonishment, jolt…

Wawu is the complex interdependency of everyday people on the economy and our ecosystem, no matter how minute the role they play (that shit is mind blowing)

Wawu is how life came to be, how science cannot properly explain what was there before anything was, and what will be after everything goes. (How big is the universe? Who created it, when was it created, are there other universes? Are there aliens? OMG are we the aliens? $&@/?)

Wawu is when you run into the same stranger 7 times on different occasions, in different scenarios, without any joint interest. (It makes you wonder how many other people you’ve met over and over again without realizing it)

Wawu is when you meet someone that does everything right, and you’re wondering where they’ve been all your life. (Sometimes every disappointment is kinda just preparing you for the greatest love you could ever experience)

Wawu is how one person can put a whole county into recession by aiding and stealing so much money (more money than an average Nigerian who has been on minimum wage since birth will spend in 8,000 years)

Wawu is realizing the only story you can write is yours, you can be the hero, you can be the villain, you can be anything you fucking want if you want it bad enough.

What’s your wawu?