The Future of Firms. Is There an App for That?
Esko Kilpi

Apostasy and Pornography

Don’t dare share this with Obama administrators or his lefty acolytes, since you will be immediately be labeled as a member of the Tea Party or worse.

Imagine a slight edit as follows, “We stand on the threshold of an economy where the familiar economic entities are becoming increasingly irrelevant” could be (is really) “We stand on the threshold of an economy where the familiar government entities are becoming increasingly irrelevant.” <gasp!>

You mean some US govt institutions are no longer relevant? <double gasp!> That is blasphemy to your everyday beltway apparatchik. Failed central agencies like the Dept of Education, Interior, Housing, etc., have ALL ‘become increasingly irrelevant’. Just the idea is apostasy for most.

Even our federal servants seem to feel there is a certain irrelevance to central US govt. You see, 318,462 (sic) federal employees are tax delinquents as of 2014. Concerning the enormous tax obligation of over 318,000 federal employees, many have simply taken the position of Bartleby the Scrivener and say, “I would prefer not to.”

Basically, this is about the sharing economy — simple information that enables distribution, sharing and reuse of excess capacity in goods and services. Guess who has more ‘excess capacity’ than anyone else? Yep, your central govt. Are they equipped or motivated to share? No sir. Monopolies never are.

Your central govt has found one major use for the Internet — porn. It is so endemic, there are so many sick, porn-addled US govt bureaucrats, that on Feb 11, 2015, Congress introduced, The Eliminating Pornography From Agencies Act. Woo-Hoo — your central govt at work!