Seven Leadership Lessons for Minorities (And Everyone Else)
umair haque

This is biggest piece of revolting garbage so far in 2015.

If the joke is on us, and you originally published this pap in The Onion, then bravo, it is a brilliant farce!

Of course you know ‘Kevin’ is among the most popular names for Irish boys. It’s right up there with Patrick and Michael (‘Mick’). Tell us, “Umair,” do you have ANY idea of the history of discrimination, bigotry and profound, institutional and societal racism faced by the Irish worldwide?

If you think for an instant that society, ANY society, confers on the Irish “…the many advantages of being part of the majority: trust, civility, respect, quiet understanding…,” then your authenticity as an ‘economist, essayist, author’ is highly suspect. (?)

Maybe start your lessons with the Great Famine. Then the Fighting 69th. Then the centuries of searing racism. Still, sonny boy, the refrain of ‘No Irish Need Apply’ led to scores and scores of great leaders like Henry Ford, Walt Disney, John F. Kennedy, and so forth, and so on.

Ascribing gender or ethnicity or immigration to achievement is really disgusting. It’s taboo really, right up there with incest and necrophilia, for example. Anyone that believes this notion, is, well, a congenital fool.

Here is a suggestion. Change the name to the ‘Buffy’ // ‘Cricket’ // ‘MimiPrinciple (pick one) and publish in the “Martha’s Vineyard Times.” Then your dopey thesis might make sense.

BTW, if I read anything more stupid, more ignorant, more bilious in 2015, I’ll pass it along. (Time is running out. You are likely the winner.)

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