The Most Disruptive Transformation in History
Richard Florida

“We must devolve power and resources back to the local level — raking back their tax money from the federal government so they can spend it on themselves. Local empowerment, and with it, deep investments…”

How does this sound as a Platform to ‘devolve power and resources’?

Eliminate Excessive Federal Taxation

Eliminate the National Debt

Eliminate Deficit Spending

Protect Fair Markets

Abide by the Constitution

Promote Civic Responsibility

Reduce Size/Scope of Federal Government

Believe in the People

Avoid the Pitfalls of Politics

Maintain Local Control and Independence

It’s the Tea Party Patriots Platform (TPPP), ca 2015. It was roundly and summarily criticized, w/o consideration, by Coastal Elites, Main-Stream Media and Obama. Many used the Liberal definition for ALL opponents: “racist.” (?)

C’mon, “…devolve power and resources back to the local level…,” has been the main plank of the Conservative Movement since Goldwater.

Good luck!

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