Krista Colarosa

MWF; 8–8:50; Social Media Literacy

Professor Schiraldi

Blog #1

28 February, 2017

Blog #1: Social Media Friday

When I first came to YSU in 2013, I began as a dance management major. I knew what I wanted to do with my career and my life and never ever was going to chance my major or my goal in life, since dancing is what I have been doing for seventeen years. Last semester I took my first communications class. I was not sure how I was going to like it or what to expect. I took Gender Communications and it was by far the best and most fun class I have ever taken. I knew from the get go that judging by the name of the course it would be very interesting but I never thought it was going to be the way it when after I took it. Just the connection that everyone had in the room and the discussions that we would have and the group activities got me so interested and engaged in communications. After that class, I switched to a Dance Management minor and a Communications major and I am so happy with that decision.

When I had to sign up for classes this semester, I did a lot of research and looking online about the different communication courses that I could take. When I came across Social Media Literacy, I knew that the class was going to be awesome and I was going enjoy the class a lot. I am just always, and have been, very interested and get really engaged in discussions because I love to get involved and hear other people’s opinions about things. When I was reading through the syllabus about “social media fridays” I got even more excited and was so eager for Fridays to come around. Social Media Fridays have to be one of my most favorite things, not only because we get to stay in bed and participate with the class, but because I feel really connected with Professor Schiraldi and the rest of the students in my class. While Professor Schiraldi is very serious and adman about social media fridays, he also knows how to make the discussions and questions fun. The questions he asks are great and creative and really make you think and go in depth. They are not just yes or no questions and if they are, he asks you why and to explain your reasoning to your answer. Even though you are limited to a hundred and forty letters, it gives you a good amount of space to explain why in a short but sweet answer.

A lot of people will have different views and feelings on having a class online, or outside of class, and actually being in the class. In my opinion, I like it both. I like that he engages us both in the classroom and over a screen. I like it because with the social media friday, we do not really have time to get distracted and go off of twitter and go on another social media app or website because you will miss a lot of the discussion and conversation and I love that. I love staying connected and being a hundred percent involved with everything and everyone. I find myself drifting off sometimes and getting lost in my laptop or other thoughts or websites when I am in the classroom because he is mainly doing all of the talking and lecturing. I know he does the best with trying to have us answer questions throughout his class and his lecture and stay engaged but I feel more concentrated and connected with everything when we have social media fridays. Once I get started with something and get into it, I put my all and all my effort into it and do that best that I can and it is a great feeling. It also pushes me to do good when there are a lot of other people working together and connected because I love working well with others and in groups. I always believe that more than one brain is much better than just one and you can accomplish more and more with the help of others. Being forced to use Twitter and being connected helped me learn a lot more about Twitter and feet a better knowledge of how the app works and all the different things you can find on there. I was never a big fan of Twitter but once I got on it and browsed everything, I noticed how many helpful and great things there are on there and great ways to stay connected with everything and things going on in the world.