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Virtual VIP preview: available at home for all guests with a password

The launch of a new season from CANAL+’s “Original Creation” catalog is usually an opportunity to organize a VIP event with a screening of the first episode. Guests, including producers, talent, partners, press and advertisers are invited to a VIP venue in Paris… the perfect occasion for everyone to get a sneak preview of the new season and to chat with the production team. But that was before COVID-19.

As a major digital broadcaster, Dailymotion was in a unique position to offer an alternative way to promote this major series. And that’s what we did for the new season of…

Editorial constraints, paid plateform strategy… the traditional TV industry presents big disappointment for web creators. Conversely the online plateforms now increase their constraints on distribution. A new opportunity for broadcasters.

Note : based on French market and French television industry.

Published on “Les Annales des Mines — N° 6 — June 2019 — Digital technology and life in society”

Original title : “Adapting the mass media to new digital uses”

Original utopia: Freedom of creation

New digital creations are built on the principles of accessibility and availability, safeguards of the freedoms of expression and creation. Everyone may create, and everyone may watch. A claim…

Colas Courjal

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