The best 5 software to manage your coworking space

Oct 15, 2019 · 4 min read

Manage a coworking space can represent a complex task if you don’t have the right tools, however, there are certain programs developed by experts in the industry that can make your life easier as you can not imagine. This is why this time we present to you the best five software to manage a flexible workspace, so you can choose the best option and take your coworking to another level.

1. Cobot

Cobot emerged in 2010 as a response to the needs of the co.up community, a coworking space based in Berlin, Germany. It doesn’t matter if your space houses a few members or if you already manage several locations, with this software you can manage everything related to reservations, reports and invoices, achieving an efficiency in the daily administration activities: you can incorporate new members, optimize the processes billing, manage the spaces reservations orderly and manage a wide variety of integrations available. Cobot is currently available in ten languages ​​and has coverage in more than ninety countries, in addition that Coworking Resources places it this year in the top three software for the administration of flexible workspaces.


2. Zora Systems

With Zora Systems, mexican software of recent creation, you can get the most out of your flexible workspace, because it offers operating tools that will allow you to achieve high-level management. This management system facilitates the generation of specialized performance reports that will help you in the decision-making process, such as a concentrated occupation, report of types of income and recurring charges, collection effectiveness report, detailed sales and even a future forecast report of the performance of your business center. In addition, it offers efficient lead management to translate them into sales: you can assign specific leads to each of your commercial agents and give them detailed follow-up until them until they close a deal. It is currently available for any spanish-speaking workplace and also offers the integrated electronic billing system (only for Mexico).

Zora Systems

3. Nexudus

Launched since 2012, this platform allows a large number of integrations that will make your coworking administration job so much easier: you can integrate the payment systems you already use on a daily basis, your preferred applications for email marketing, customer tracking, handling of accounts and creation of community, among many others. By joining Nexudus you can customize your own space microsite with the identity of your brand, including logo, texts and photographs. The platform is free if you want to register up to five active members, which is ideal for newly created flex spaces, since the cost for its use will increase according to the number of users you are registering.


4. Office RnD

The main objectives of Office RnD have been, since the platform began to be developed in 2015, to deliver better experiences to its users, empower coworkings and flexible workspaces and offer them healthy growth gradually by simplifying tasks. This management software is currently used in more than 40 countries around the world and one of its main features is to offer an integrated CRM platform (Customers Relationship Management), which allows operators and managers to give timely follow-up to all their clients and users with the potential to become members.

Office RnD

5. Coworkify

This application for flexible space management has been developed by Cocon Startups LLC, a software company based in Kyoto, Japan. One of its main features is simplicity in its use, both for the coworking operator and for the member of the workspace; if you have a flex space you can register it in Coworkify by completing a few steps and in only fifteen minutes you can have your personalized profile. If you are a coworker of any space that already uses this software, you can have access to a reservation calendar and you will have the possibility to make your reservation payments online or even in cash if you do not handle any type of bank card.


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