How to get started with hand-drawn animation — Part I

A day in the animated life

Coleen Baik
Jul 24, 2018 · 8 min read
“Juggling.” № 68 of 100.


1. Diving in

2. 100 Days of Super Short…

“Launch.” № 27 of 100. View with sound on Instagram.
A late night.

3. Output

A selection from the 100 animations produced for the project.
The Queen sets sail. №s 41–45
Animations based on Ithaca.
Animations with audio are marked “Sound on” in the original posts. View with audio accompaniment in Instagram.
“Bankrupt.” № 86 of 100. An example of a politically-themed animation.
“The path.” № 74 of 100. An example that required a walk cycle (as lax a rendering as it is here).
“No.” № 80 of 100. An example with lip-sync without sound.

4. The tools

My animations archive in Animatic.
Animatic UI.
Rendering the animation.
“Fuuuu.” №4 of 100.

5. Rough Animator

Rough Animator UI.

6. Recording, editing, sourcing sound

Audacity, with SoundFlower integration.
Adobe Premiere Pro for effects and final production.

To be continued

In the mean time


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