Individual Idea Generation

For my “How Might We Statement” I ended changing it due to the limitations my original statement had. At first I attempted to use “How might we better store groceries in a car trunk?” This is an annoying problem that many people have when they buy food, but the ideas that came with this were few in number. This was proven when I asked my Brainstorming Session the same question. They said they couldn’t come up with very many ideas so I broadened it to “How might we better organize items in a car trunk?”

How might we better organize items in a car trunk?

My 30 ideas for Trunk Organization:

New Warm-Up Game

Most warm-up games are intended to lower the inhibitions of the idea generators. So I figured, what better way to accomplish this, than with alcohol? Fortunately, all the people who I asked to be involved were at least 21 years old. I knew of a few drinking games that already existed, so I decided to create one using the game, Super Smash Bros Wii-U. Everybody was on their own against the other three people. Each time you died, you had to take a shot (Maximum of three shots).

The villager had to take 2 shots, Bayonetta took 3, and Kirby was at 0. Charizard died 8 times, but only had to take 3 shots.

Session Organization

I used four people in my brainstorming session. They all had different extremely different backgrounds and lifestyles. There were three guys and one girl. Two of the guys were white, one was Chinese, and the girl was African. Their majors ranged from Accounting, to Neuroscience.

During the session, I asked them “How might we better organize items in a car trunk?” At first they were slow at coming up with ideas, but steadily increased. Unfortunately, the range of ideas was so broad that a lot of them weren’t relevant to car trunks whatsoever. I kept telling them to make sure it could relate to organizing the trunk of car, but they ended up sketching whatever came into their mind, regardless of relevance.

Once they got stuck, I presented the same circumstances we did during our class’s brainstorming session. I told them to write down three different people and give the card to the person to their right. They then chose one of the people to design an invention for. Luckily, this sparked a few more ideas, but soon I had to change it up again. I told them to design bad inventions for trunk organization (Even though most of their ideas were already along this line). Overall, we arrived at some pretty difficult images to categorize.

After 30 minutes of brainstorming, the 4 participants thought of 71 ideas. This lead to an ipm of 0.59 ideas per minute.

They ended up having a lot of fun with this brainstorming session and I think they would want to do it again. Unfortunately, they didn’t really come up with very many applicable ideas for me to use.

Sorting and Voting

To sort all of their sketches, I had them do it in silence. This is how we did it in class as well. It still ended up taking quite a long time due to the scope of the ideas. As far as the categories went, they were “Things that have to do with the Head”, “Containers”, “People Stuff”, “Emotions”, “Violence”, and“Bad Decisions”.

Things that have to do with the Head, Containers, People Stuff, and Emotions.
Violence and Bad Choices (I have no idea why all of my pictures for this one turned out blurry so I went with the least blurry one)

Once they finished organizing the ideas into categories, I had them vote by placing a dot using their marker on the ideas they liked the most. Each person had 10 votes. Everyone decided to vote on all separate things without anything standing out.

Top Ideas


10/18 — Create Timeline and Outline

10/19 — Start thinking of new warm-up Games

10/20 — Get supplies for Brainstorming session

10/21 — Brainstorming session with at least 4 of my friends

10/22 — Organize enformation from Brainstorming session

10/23 — Re-sketch 10 best ideas

10/24 — Create blog post

10/25 — Double check blog post