Do you love what you do?

Life is short, but it is also the longest thing you will do

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Take a minute and answer my question honestly. If your answer was yes, then congratulations on knowing what you wanted and making that your reality, now just keep filling your reality with your wants. If you said no, but you are actively in the process of changing that then you don’t need this, please go away. If you said no and are not doing anything about it, please read along.

As a human being you have emotions, aspirations and memories. It is very likely that you everyone and everything currently is but a speck of dust in the big picture of life. If you think for a moment about humans, you will realize that life is short, but it is also the longest thing you will have the opportunity to partake in. Now take in that paragraph just for a minute, let it resonate.

If you had won a raffle where you can keep anything you can grab within 2 minutes at a local Walmart, what would your game plan be? I am sure 99.9% of people did not think “Whew, I really needed some socks and toothpaste”. What everyone thought about were the televisions, iPads and laptops. So why would you live your life in this way?

Photo by Jonathan Petersson on Unsplash

Whether you spend the better part of your life working a job or doing something you hate will heavily affect only one person, you. At first, there will be some turmoil, negative opinions, doubts and unexpected obstacles. But, this is what stands between you and your happiness. If you decide this is too risky for you, then please enjoy living a life where you are only guaranteeing that your life will stay the same. 10 years of big ups and downs will still get you closer than 10 years of monotony.

So, if you truly want to change your life, you need to know yourself and improve. Start with some introspection and self-awareness exercises, begin journaling your thoughts and to-dos, make a conscious and deliberate step everyday towards your happiness and realize your victories will be infinitely sweeter than your bitterest failures.

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